Hi my name is Marcus better known as the Stage name Kid ILL.  I am a upcoming Music producer&Rapper,  i have been making music for about 6 year  and still going in.  I love what I do and hope to keep progressing by sharing my work and travel around the world. I was born and Raised in the country of Haiti, my hometown was St. Marc. My brother always push me to do better and he never gives up on me. I remember when I used to make music back in the days using a radio tape cassette by just recording the tape while i Rap with my friends. I always knew i would get better on what i do music is my passion, all I want to do is able to show the world that…


I personally have heard this young man’s work and it is impeccable because he is young.  He has worked with a friend of mine who used a few of his beats. His production is remarkable and I feel that he will go far. Instead of being in the streets, he is giving the streets hard hitting, bass thumping, treble strumming music. Attached are some links to his music. Be sure to check him out!

Kid ILL Sound Cloud Music Link

Kid ILL Beats YouTube

Kid ILL Beats FaceBook Link