Some people want to be world known rappers just for the fame, clothes, money, cars, women/men. Then you have  emcees that actually do it to clear their head from the harsh reality of the very life they live, and to bring unity to their segregated people. Big P is an independent rap artist that uses music as an outlet to channel the life he live.  Big P penned his first rhyme while hustling on pool tables at his Uncle’s club at the age of 12. Big P knew at that very moment that he wanted to do music. Growing into his talent he often listen to his favorite rappers Bone-Thugs-N-Harmony, Tupac, and Notorious B.I.G.  Big P was part of various groups in his hometown.

In early 2000 Big P teamed up with a cousin that went by the name A-Real and formed the duo group LynchMobb Thugstas. The both of them made music and dominated rap battles at the local radio show in Sumter, SC with hot 99.3 fm. The duo did a few shows, and later on broke up. Big P went on to college at South Carolina State University, where he was the campus radio DJ. Big P felt that he was not connecting to the audience with his music so he decided to leave college to pursue his music career.

Big P moved to Greenville, SC and started his solo project A.B.C All Bout Cash. This album talks about the things he did, the life he lived, and where he want to be. His style varies to reach a broader range of an audience.  A.B.C: All Bout Cash has a message behind it. The albums talks about the ups and downs, and the ins and outs of being in the dope game. Big P did things that lead to him being in trouble with the law when he was trying to make ends meet  to feed his family, in which you will hear about in his upcoming album.




Pick It Up is a trap single that details how he used to tell his customers to come pick up exotic narcotics. This particular song he spoke about how he made money and life was good in the fast lane…..well appeared to be good in the fast lane. Big P got arrested two times in August 2013 due to an informant for the police that snitched on him to decrease their jail time. After being bonded out he made the song Informant that gives intricate details surrounding the arrest and the person that worked out a deal with the police.


Big P learned from his mistakes and decided to really use his talent to alarm people about the dope game and that everybody that you think you are cool with are not there for you.  A.B.C.: All About Cash is not you everyday trap album to glorify the streets, but it is an album that warn you of living life in the fast lane. This album also introduces him to the world as Big P aka Prophit$ .



For more music and information on the release of his Album A.B.C. All Bout Cash check out his website