D.Vann is the founder & content manager of VannDigital.com. D.Vann was born & raised in Wilmington, NC. Like many people bored with the gimmicks of mainstream dumb down music, Urban Entertainment, and news, D. Vann created VannDigital.com in all of its entities to put a spotlight on talented artists that need the exposure to get their music heard. VannDigital provide an urban media outlet for unsigned, underground, and underrated artists. VannDigital.com was created to help artists, labels, and studios to appeal the vast reach of audience possible. This outlet also allow users to find the best in Hip Hop music, Urban Entertainment, and Urban/Black News. D. Vann currently works with over 50 artists, labels, and studios. Below are some contact information.

Douglas Vann
Content Manager
Vann Digital Networks
Website: www.VannDigital.com
Business E-Mail: Admin@VannDigital.com
Submissions E-Mail: Submissions@VannDigital.com
VannDigi Originals E-Mail: Originals@VannDigital.com