My life is a book. A book that if I actually took the time to write, you wouldn’t be able to put down, until after you had absorbed and digested every sentence, every single word. Page after page; chapter after chapter of tears, laughter, poverty, incarceration, anger, oppression, pain and change. Most importantly though is the change.


Any animal that doesn’t change and adapt to their environment eventually becomes a casualty of that environmen. And that’s exactly what I was… an animal from Greenville S.C. that preyed upon anything and anybody that would get me paid.

Eventually this mind state led me to a lifetime of being incarcerated in one institution after another. First juvenile and then as I became more brazen and my crimes bolder and more reckless, the penitentiary.


Sentenced to 10 years in one of the nastiest, most oppressive correctional systems in America for bank robbery I continued to unconsciously rebel against the system. Then I discovered the power of words and how when writing them I was allowed a brief reprieve from the stifling, oppressive, violent environment in which I lived.


So I started writing. It became my escape, my salvation. Learning that I had the ability to make people feel my words, my stories, let me know that I could be something else besides a career criminal. The talent to write allowed me the ability to change and also gave me another avenue to express my anger at a system that had stacked the deck against me and so many others like me from the very first day we came into existence.
My life is a book. Keep reading…and enjoy.***


Justin Amen Floyd burst onto the literary scene in 2010 with the gritty, critically acclaimed ‘Anything for Profit’. He has since gone on to be featured in the bestselling anthology ‘Guns & Roses’ alongside such celebrated authors as Caroline McGill, Erick Gray, and more. In 2012 Justin released the classic follow up to ‘Anything for Profit’; ‘Anything for Profit 2: Nothing to Lose’.

In 2013 Mr. Floyd delved into the steamy world of erotica with his ‘For Freaks Only’ collection as well as ‘Ass to Mouth’ and ‘Black Lust’. In 2013 he was nominated for the AALAS for the ‘For Freaks Only’ collection.


I have read two books written by Justin and I could not put his books down. I hung onto every word, every scenario, and every emotion. Prior to Justin, I have read 2 other African American Male Authors books’ (Eric Jerome Dickey and Omar Tyree), and hands down Justin has a way with words that do more than evoke emotions. His books are a definite read and I employ everyone to check his books out on Below are some links to read excerpts and purchase his books.