As I was strolling down my news feed on Facebook I came across a still image of a video that was posted on a friend’s page. I read the caption and I was forced by curiosity to watch the video. The content of the video made me think about what is going on in the urban/black community. Since the whole debacle with L.A. Clippers ex owner Don Sterling making racial remarks about not wanting black people to be at his games, every black person got caught up in an uproar about it. At the end of the day what Don Sterling had to say does not equate to what our own people are doing to each other. Turn on the news and your always hear how one black person took the life of another, but the NAACP don’t rally to put an end to that. Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson will never call action about the black on black crimes. Listen black men and black women, black boys and black girls, we are killing each other and at the same time making these high-end white folks rich….How you ask? Organ harvesting, yes they will take your organs and sell it to the highest bidder. We should have a called of action to stop black on black crime and educate our youth to be productive citizens to uplift our dying community. Check out the video and learn for yourself. Know the truth behind the kind of lyrics we try to portray. Rappers if your lyrics are fueled with violence, then you are part of the blame for the way our people think this is life to live or shall I say preparing to die for. Click on the link to get the message that I have received.