A couple of nights ago I was introduced to one of the most lyrical rap artist that I have heard to come out of Chicago. I had the opportunity to talk with rap artist God. On the night of May 20th God was celebrating the release of his mix-tape The Bible. God candidly told me about growing up in a musically inclined family, stating “Music is in his DNA”. God said that his music is different from a lot of artists,  because he just don’t put together quick fix rhymes over  beats.  He want his music to resonate the concepts of life in Chicago, he want people to be able to walk away with knowledge and understanding that he is more than a gutter or battle rapper. God said that he put time into each of his songs to make sure that the content of his words connects with his listeners. God mentioned that he works closely with 2 Chainz and that he showed him the ropes when it comes to business in the music industry, “2 Chainz is my mentor” God described his working relationship.


As we kept talking and God told me that his goal is to do sold out shows at The United Center in Chicago, Madison Square Garden in New York, and travel to Dubai in UAE.  He would like to work with or collaborate with rap artist and business mogul Jay-Z. Growing into his creativity of spitting rhymes he often listen to artists such as Lil’ Wayne, Jay-Z, and Beanie Sigel. After getting off the phone I listened to his music and immediately his indulging lyrics and heavy beats captivate my aural senses. When I heard his music, I was not expecting what I heard (in terms of other rappers from Chicago). His lyrical delivery packed such a punch to my eardrums. I was able to vibe to the beat and his rhythmical bars actually make me think on a conscience level. God see fit to represent the city where he was born and raised, and I must say Chicago should be proud of him.

Below are some links to his music and videos. You can find his music on his website www.youaintgod.com along with other websites such as WorldStar Hip Hop, YouTube, Datpiff.com, LiveMixtapes.com to name a few. Also links to his instagram and twitter accounts to hit him up for more info and booking.








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