With today’s music lacking substance to evoke emotions to connect people to art and unity, JJ Dae a native of South Carolina is a breath of fresh air who create music that gives people musical intimacy. As I listened to his music I can feel the gravitational pull emotionally, as if he knew me personally and his words spoke to me in a way that guitar strings and harmony has ever spoken to me before. Intrigued by his musical stamina and intricate weaving of his melodic tones can set any limbic system on fire.  Today I had the pleasure of interviewing and talking to JJ Dae, and we have similar taste in music.


JJ Dae is not to be categorized as and R&B singer nor a rapper, his music is an eclectic collection of R&B, Hip Hop, and soul.  At the age of 15 JJ Dae noticed that he could hold a tune and often mimic artists such as John Mayer, Brian McKnight, and Musiq Soul Child. You couldn’t tell that he learned how to play the guitar five years ago, the way he strummed and picked the strings on his guitar that he affectionately named Homage you would have thought he was taught as a kid by an instructor…Modestly he told me that he taught himself how to play the guitar. JJ Dae took his talents seriously during his Junior and Senior tenure of college.


JJ Dae do not consider to be called an R&B singer. “R&B singers do just what the title suggests which is SING. I am more than a singer, I create art musically to educe feelings and because of that I call myself an artist”. JJ Dae want people to separate him from the diurnal stereotype of what is considered to be R&B.   JJ stepped out of the box of such stereotypes by infusing mixed genres into every song. I asked JJ if he would create a genre that describes his music what would it be, he replied “Urban Acoustics”. Being a competitor in the music scene he opens up his shows with rapping. Reason for rapping is due to his presence on stage, at first sight you see him with his guitar and automatically people assume he is a R&B singer. The crowd get the shock of their lives when he used his guitar as a bongo drum and start spitting lyrics. “Our culture missed out on a lot of things musically because of colorism, and that has always been an issue”. We spoke about people such as Phil Collins who has the soulfulness of rhythm and blues, but is known as a pop artist because stereo typically he is Caucasian.


Currently working on his first album entitled Stuck In The Moment, which is also a single that talks about self gratitude in whatever moment you are in, whether it’s a breakup, struggles, or wanting to be with someone. All of his songs on this album were written due to whatever that was going on in that moment. His single That Girl was written at the moment of wanting the company of a girl.


With the mention of struggles, I asked JJ Dae what were some of his struggles with his journey. He said that looking for someone to record him was a struggle, making music came natural and easy for him. JJ Dae found F&M Productions in Greenville, SC that would record him with the highest quality He also wondered if people would accept him as an eclectic genre artist. He also is a tough self critic of his music , he always replay his songs after recording them  and want to do them over even when the producers and engineers thinks the music is great. His biggest struggle is creating a bridge to bring substance back into R&B and Hip Hop music.” Being born in the 80s he feel that it is his job to bridge what is lost into what is in now”.


JJ Dae performed at numerous venues and open mic nights, but his absolute favorite and his first spot to perform is Coffee Underground in Greenville, SC.  He said that he would really love to perform in France and Italy. JJ Dae has being getting accolades and performance requests from countries such as England, Pakistan, and Afghanistan. JJ has also made some big accomplishments such as being nominated for South Carolina Music Award Best Male R&B Artist, and yesterday performing at P. Diddy aka Sean Combs (Manager of artists such as late Notorious BIG, Lil’ Kim, Danity Kane, and Junior Mafia) Studio Showcase. Out of 50 performers the top three are chosen and JJ Dae won the showcase. JJ will have a big music video production professionally done and placed on World Star Hip Hop website and have a sit down meeting with Sony Records.







JJ Dae want all of you to know that he is not a singer nor a rapper, he want people to accept him as an artist of an eclectic  genre. He is an artist that want to give you the kind of music that stimulate you unlike most R&B music today. His music is not ” dumb down” to inoculate you to be numb to your emotions.


For more on JJ Dae music, for booking, tours, and other information go to his website at http://www.jjdae.com and check out his videos below.