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Back in the day there were hip hop groups that did whatever it took to make sure that their presence remain relevant such as the legendary Wu Tang Clan, in which today their  music can be heard all over. In this generation of music in hip hop, there is not much unity in the hip hop community that have a band of comrades to share passion of music, business, and showmanship. Well after talking to Broadway and Dabo Tha Misfit who are part of a hip hop group/label called Triple L Music Group Family. I have not heard their music before, but I was introduced to the group by a pioneer of Hip Hop and one of the original hypeman for Rob Base and the late DJ EZ Rock, G-Man. So with this article I will take you into the mindset of the group Triple L.

I was rushing from work to the computer repair shop, and rushed from the computer repair shop to get home to prepare for the interview with Broadway and Dabo Tha Misfit of the group Triple L, I dropped all my things at the door and popped open my laptop, grabbed something to drink, picked up my pen and pad, and open all media sites and my e-mail. Scrolling through my e-mail I was reading the information that was sent about the group, I noticed some of the places these guys perform at sounded like some of the clubs in South Carolina where I reside. Club Cream, The Crystal Lounge, Big Unks, and Club Envy were some of the spots that these cats performed at, and I thought to myself these cannot be the clubs in the back woods of South Carolina…..That is until one of the clubs struck me like a bolt of lightening…Dameon’s Social Club. Dameon’s Social Club belong to the husband of a relative of mine, and so that pretty much opened up the conversation that I had with Dabo Tha Misfit and Broadway.


Triple L has always been around and the group consists of members Broadway, Dabo Tha Misfit, J Hood, Tray-Dubb, Cyco, Reefa Rob, and Blaze. Triple L truly lives by the acronym which stands for love, loyalty, and la familia.  Their music and their tight knit family conveys the reason why hip hop was originally created. Their music speaks volume loud and clear to bring forth unity, knowledge, wisdom, and understanding. “Our music speaks on real  life. People need to understand both sides of the streets. I want people to understand that you have to work hard to get what you want” said Broadway.




Broadway is the founder and CEO of Triple L Music Group. Born and raised in Miami Dade, Florida, Broadway fell in love with music at the age of 10. “When I heard Busta Ryhmes “Dangerous”. The beat was so original and the flow was banging. I love music because of the feeling that it brings to me. Every morning when I wake up the music is in my soul. I can wake up happy, sad, mad……my words/lyrics/thoughts is a part of me. I thank God for waking me up every morning to speak my words to those who are hesitant, and blessing me with that passion. The beat makes me moves and the flow will make you come up with the lyrics and how you feel. The beat make me recite certain lyrics to the mood that it puts me in. I prefer the lyrics because when you listen to the words it send a message. You can feel the hurt, pain, happiness, struggle, and success. I want my words to tell them you don’t have to be a one track mind and you can be a superstar. When you hear my story it’s all about LOVE, LOYALTY, and LA FAMILIÁ” said Broadway.


Broadway’s musical influences are Busta Rhymes Dangerous, Trick Daddy, Rick Ross, and Young Jeezy The Recession. I asked Broadway which song that his music group ever made that really touch him as well as connects to people who listens to their music. “Counterfeit, a track produced by one of our own that goes by the name Psycho. It conveys the realest prospective of being you and and not to be like everyone else“.  Broadway spoke candidly about The Original G-Man, “It’s a pleasure working with G-Man. He work with us to bring back real hip hop, he show us how to conduct business and to make sure our paperwork is straight“.

To keep Triple L a close knit unit Broadway recruit artists that has a great work ethic, willingness to learn, has to the ability to be in the studio, creativeness, be universal, ready to learn the in out an out of the music business to be able to pass the awareness of the industry to the next person,and must have respect for hip hop.

Enter Tha  Mind of A Misfit


Dabo Tha Misfit whom also was born and raised in Carol City, Florida is Broadway’s first artist to join the Triple L Music group. “ I was introduce to music at the early age of 9 from watching my older brother making music. I recorded my first track at the age of 14, now at the age of 26 I’ve made it a passion .I’ve performed at a lot of places from Tucker’s, Club Cinema, Club Sandal, Coco’s Gentlemen Club, Dameon’s Social Club, Club Envy, CenterStage ,Big Unks Night  Club ,Club Cream, Boss Playa Mansion Party, The Crystal Lounge,The E.R.Night Club ,birthday parties, and car & bike shows .I’ve  performed in others states as well like Brainerd MN, Augusta GA,etc….I feel like music is an expression of the mind and can free the soul through its message and I believe I have positive message to send. Be who you are at all times and live love,la familia and loyalty“.


Dabo Tha Misfit said that if he ever get the opportunity to work with anyone mainstream it would be Kendrick Lamar. “He is one of the best MCs out right now“. I asked Dabo what are some songs that he made that would connect to his listeners. “Keep It Moving because it sends a message to people that there is a consequence for every action. It is a song that talks about the streets and the industry. Counterfeit is another one that will connect to the people because this track let people know to stay true to themselves“. Dabo said that his musical influence is Andre 3000 because his style is so versatile and unique.

Just like Broadway, Dabo Tha Misfit spoke very highly of The Original G-Man as an artist developer. “Salute to G-Man! He show us the legal side and guide us through the business side of the industry. He taught us to protect ourselves and our investments“. Dabo reminisce about performing at Dameon’s Social Club in Davis Station (outskirts of Manning, SC). “We always keep that place packed when we performed. Dameon is like family to us and always show us some love when we are down there” said Dabo.

After the interview we were just talking about bike clubs, areas in South Carolina, and events in Greenville, SC. I told them about a friend who is holding The Miami Takeover tour being hosted by Uncle Luke and Super Terry, with performances by Trina, Trick Daddy, JT Money and others. They said that they were invited to perform and that they know Super Terry  (the founder and owner of the largest adult entertainment King of Diamonds Club) very well. These guys well poised and have the knowledge of business. Very humble and talented group of young men.

Here is a music video and links to their music.

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