Everyday I watch Sway in the Morning with Heather B and Tracy G. My best friend and I always tune in to get the scoop on entertainment and news. One day we took notice to one of Sway’s intern that caught our attention with her vibrant energy, delivery, and her wittiness. Diandra Marie aka Baby Di (Di is pronounced as Dee) who recently graduated from Fairleigh Dickinson University in New Jersey with her Business Management with a minor in Communications degree, she  is an aspiring radio/television personality. Talking with Diandra I can see her personality shining through, I must say that she is a modest and very humble young woman.



Get Your Life with Diandra Marie: The Making of Baby Di

Diandra Marie started out as an aspiring rap artist at the age of 12. As her lyrical skills developed, Diandra was looking for ways to promote her music, and it was at the age of 15 she started her own internet radio talkshow on  “ I used it to become more versatile in the music industry to promote my music, but also other underground artists. As the show moved along, I had various show topics that listeners can call in to give their opinion and so on. I was also able to interview reality show personalities that were popular at the time as well as Andrea Lewis from Degrassi and Leon Thomas from August Rush and Victorious! After starting college, I briefly worked on my college radio station playing music and speaking on topics college students can relate to. I also had the opportunity to host educational and social events, host campus wide Meet the Greeks for the past year, our first annual Greek Swap, and was asked to host the Campus Movie Fest at my school“.

 During her senior tenure of college, Diandra had the opportunity to intern at SiriusXM Satellite Radio. Diandra’s first semester was working at OutQ, a LGBT station, and this past semester with Sway in the Morning. On Sway in the Morning, she was able to develop her own segment “Get Your Life” to air live on the show. Due to her work ethic, Diandra was asked to continue to work with the team for the duration of the summer. Diandra spoke very highly of Sway and Heather B and everyone at SiriusXM Satellite Radio. “Heather B is very maternal. She gives good advice and she is very straight forward. I feel that people do not recognize her and other female MCs in hip hop. Sway is very humble and down to earth. Sway also gives good advice about the industry and talked about how he first got his niche. He is very funny and a cool person to be around. The Sway you see and hear is the Sway you will always get“.

I asked Diandra some personal questions, and no nothing humiliating or overtly personal. Here are some of the interview Q&As.

Me: What is your favorite part of being on the air?

Diandra: My Favorite part of being on air is being heard. You get to interact with the guest and get their opinions on different topics.

Me: What is the most challenging part of breaking out as an on air personality?

Diandra: Definitely making a name for yourself in the industry. It is really hard getting the opportunity to show what you can bring to the table. You have to work for free to build yourself up in the beginning. Being on air you have to make sure you can entertain your audience. Being on a show that is not yours is hard to grab the attention of that particular show usual listeners. You also have to stay on top of current events.

Me: Where do you see yourself long term?

Diandra: I want to be a radio personality or a talk show host. I would like to have my own bowtie line. I make bowties and I made a few of the ones you seen me wear when I am on air with Sway in the Morning.

Me: Who would be a “dream guest” to have on the show?

Diandra: This is a hard one, but I actually have a few. I would love to interview Wendy Williams. She is one of my favorite radio and television personalities because she stays true to herself. Being a female in this industry she keeps her composure, even when she is being scrutinized for her topics and her views on current events. Definitely Tamar Braxton, she inspired my segment “Get Your Life”. I read about her background and took notice on how hard it was for her. She is cool and funny. Lastly for my sister I would interview Stevie Wonder. My sister loves her some Stevie Wonder, and besides he is a true legend.

Me: What is the biggest gaffe you’ve made while on air?

Diandra: Back when I was doing my radio show on new music was submitted for air time. The music submitted was on artist Wale, anyway I was introducing the new single and I was pronouncing Wale as whale. No one told me that I was saying his name wrong. So I was calling Wale whale while on air.

I told her not to feel bad because I was pronouncing his name as Whale too, and we had a big laugh.

Me: What is the one truth or one thing that has held constant as an intern for Sway in the Morning Show?

Diandra: My work ethic for sure. This was an opportunity that I am taking and running with. Whatever they ask of me, I go and do it. This allows me to learn the business and also show them that I don’t mind putting in hard work.

Me: Which character on a current TV series most reflects your personality?

Diandra: If you ever watched the Netflix TV series “Orange is the New Black”, I would say Tastee fits my personality. She is humble, she is smart, she is street and book knowledgeable. Only thing is that I never been in jail and have no intentions of going (at this point she chuckles).

Me: Who is your favorite rapper now?

Diandra: I really don’t have an answer for that question, because some of the music today lacks the substance that makes me think like old school hip hop. Today I listen to Tupac, Notorious B.I.G., Heather B, Queen Latifa, NWA, and others. Music is my first love and I fell in love with old school hip hop.

Me: What artists would we be surprised to find on your iPod?

Diandra: EDM type of music, David Guetta, Sade, The Cataracts, Blue Man Crew to name a few.


We continued to chatter about things that we both enjoy, about hip hop and the substance lost in music today. We actually have similar tastes in music and share similar thoughts on entertainment. Talking with Diandra you wouldn’t believe that at the age of 21 she has made strides so vast. I can see this young woman being a shinning star. Her hard work and dedication will definitely continue to pay off. She has so many ideas and she know what she want to do. As long as she keep applying the advice that the veterans of the industry gives her, she will be a wrecking ball never to be tampered with.

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