When I turn on the radio I wondered what happened to music, what happened to substance that tells a story that makes you remember it forever, what happened to music with originality??? When I heard Bubby B’s music, it spoke to me and said that it is still here just undiscovered. This artist has a talent so raw, so soulful, and easily to relate to the story behind it, the very  moment I heard him I knew that he paint his art with a special brush. This blog  not only feature Bubby B and his music, but introducing real music to the world.


Rap artist Big P was in search of an artist to bring a cutting edge to his upcoming record, and he found the perfect fit when he heard Bubby B reanimation of current  popular songs. Big P brought his videos and music to my attention, and since then I became an instant fan. I have heard plenty of people recapture other artists’ hot singles, but Bubby not only recapture covers he made them his own. He change the dynamics of each melodic tone and sketched a new masterpiece.




Born and raised in Indiana Bubby B  grew up in a family enriched in music with his father being a minster of music. At the age of 13 Bubby B realized his talent when he could mimic his musical influences such as gospel singer Kim Burrell, pop icon Prince, neo-soul artists Musiq SoulChild and Deangelo. “I love music. I feel that creating art through songs is what I am suppose to do. Music do not feel like work, and to me life without music is like trying to breathe without air” said Bubby.


Bubby B joined forces with his brother and rap artist who goes by the name Sauce and some of their friends formed Ingreedyantz Music Group. “The name came from the thought of how ants work extra hard to provide for the colony. They work day in and day out, just like how we are when it comes to our music. Hard work and passion for music are the ingredients for success.



Bubby is in the process of putting out music, covers and original records as well. “I have over one hundred songs that I am about to unload to the world. Every chance I get I am in the studio working hard. I create my own beats, write my lyrics, and put them all together“. I asked Bubby how would categorize his style of music and he replied “Summa Music”. Of course I was a bit thrown off because I thought he meant Summer Music.  He went on to further explain the meaning of  “Summa Music”, “I do summa of this and I do summa that (Some of this and some of that). I can perform music in a plethora of genres, I can do Country, Pop, Rock and Roll, Salsa, Hip Hop, and R&B. I got a voice like a soul singer, tell stories like a country song, I got lyrics like a rapper, and I got an attitude of a rock star“.


I asked Bubby B where do he see himself musically in five years. He made it crystal clear that he see himself writing and performing music professionally.” I see myself being home in Indiana performing sold out shows at Bankers Life Fieldhouse (home of the Indiana Pacers basketball games). ” I feel that having your hometown supporting you is important“.


We were talking about music as a whole and of course I had some personal questions to ask. Here are the Q&As with Bubby B.

Me: Which character from a current TV series best fit your personality or style?

Bubby B: Johnny Bravo, my style is like the black version of him…lol

Me: What do you do for fun? Do you go out?

Bubby B: I am a homebody, I don’t do clubs unless I am performing.

Me: What is the favorite part of being in the studio?

Bubby B: Being able to record and listen to my thoughts

Me: What is a challenge for you being in the studio?

Bubby B: Finding the right sounds. I rather have my own beats instead of buying or leasing beats. That is part of being original, but it can be challenging at times.

Me: Who do people call your look alike?

Bubby B: David Ruffin

We shared a laughter and Big P who was with me at the time of the interview chimed in and said yeah but he look like the dude Leon who played David Ruffin on the Temptations movie.


Me: What do you think about music today?

Bubby B: The music industry today are more concern with gimmicks and sex appeal now. Back in the day the talented people were making music professionally no matter how unattractive they are. Now you got to have your shirt off, or just be a pretty boy or a pretty girl, but lacks talent.

Me: How do you come up with your music?

Bubby B: Real life experiences both personal and those of others I know. Like the record Paralyzed, it is about love and relationship in a gray area.

Me: What do you want the readers to know about you?

Bubby B: I want the people to take my music for what it is. I sing about stuff other artists will not say in R&B. Rappers say what they mean, and like them I sing what I mean and mean what I sing.


Humble, Humble, Humble and talented is what I have to say about Bubby B. His songs, his way of delivering the message that he want to depict is a breath of fresh air after inhaling toxic music. He is very gifted and with his versatility and originality in physical trend and music. Check out Bubby B’s music and videos.






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