At the age of 13,  Derek McAllister better known as Speaker Knockerz started to learn and perfect his craft of making beats. He was inspired by Producer and Rapper Soulja Boy.  He watched Soulja Boy style and learned from watching him work. By the time he reached the age 18 his talent as a producer went mainstream and he started selling his beat bangers, and some of his clients were Gucci Mane, Gudda Gudda, Jae Millz, Lil Scrappy, and 2 Chainz.  He started spitting rhymes on his own beats and came out with 3 mixtapes Married To The Money and Married To The Money 2 and Finesse Father. He rose to fame globally with over millions of views on his videos on YouTube. Independently he was on his way to stardom, but on March 6, 2014 he died and didn’t get to see his full potential.


Even though I never got a chance to interview Speaker Knockerz due to his untimely death, I still listen to his music and watch his videos. At the age of 19, Speaker Knockerz had a very mature business mentality. He did well for himself and to me I viewed him as being the next Tech Nine, because they both made their money as independent artists and pushed music that the people want to hear. His music have something that a lot of artists lack and that are lyrics that speaks to the people mentally and hot beats that connects the lyrics rhythmically. Speaker Knockerz music captivated fans all over the world. Even though he is physically not here in body, but his spirit and his music will forever reside on media sites, on radio, on blogs, and your fans, family, and friends will never let your music and legacy die. REST IN PEACE, AND I KNOW THAT YOU ARE BEING SPEAKER KNOCKERZ UP THERE!