“I got a dollar and a dream, and if I had pennies and a vision  would you fuck me, aye shawty would you fuck with me. Do you love my dollar and my dream, and if I had pennies and vision would your love go missing. My baby done cut me loose, fucking other niggas like she fucking me too. She ain’t feeling me no mo because she think I am bullshittin’ at the studio”. Dollar and a Dream was the first song that I heard from hip hop artist Sauce. This is one of my favorite jams. Since I had the opportunity to interview his label mate and brother Bubby B, I knew that I had to interview Sauce to get the full the scoop on his music and his process of producing his music. Here is what I learned about Mr. Debonair himself.




Sauce was born and raised in Indiana and at home he was raised in a family musically inclined. “My father influenced me when it comes to my music. My dad who is a musician introduced me to various instruments growing up” Sauce replied to my question about musical influences. Sauce music is not like most rappers music where every single is about drugs, sex, or materialistic luxuries. ” I make everyday music. I have that when you wake up in the morning to the alarm clock feel. My music also inspires others”.

Sauce writes his own lyrics, hands on producing beats for his music, participate in the mixing and mastering of his music, and outsource his music under Ingreedyantz Music Group. Sauce also co-write a lot of music of different genres such as Hip Hop, Pop, Rock, R&B, and etc. He coined the name Sauce by writing hot lyrics, producing hot beats, and co-writing and dabbling in different genres. ” I went by the name Ranch Sauce at first, but then people started just calling me Sauce because what I bring to the table was that extra dip to make the productions hot”.


I asked Sauce questions about the aspects of making music that excites him, and I questioned him about the aspects that are challenging at times. “The aspect of the process of making music that excites me is recording music. Once you step into the booth to spit out your lyrics over a hot beat that you produce, then you put all the audio components together, and then you hear what was only a creative thought in your head come to life through the speakers. That excites me and knowing that people will love it. My challenge is coming up with hooks that makes sense with the rest of the song, and to make sure that the hook is catchy”.


“I’m fresher than Dougie, I’m fresher than Prince, I’m fresher than Manny and it don’t make sense because I’M DEBONAIR” (Lyric from his single Debonair). Sauce is currently working on his second mixtape Sex, Money, and Drugs. He has two hot singles Back It Up and Debonair that he is currently pushing from his first mixtape ADIDAS(All Day I Dream About Sauce). Sauce said that the second mixtape will have underground and mainstream collaborations. The second mixtape will be a quick LP for people to enjoy and get to know Sauce and Ingreedyantz Music Group.


Sauce had so much to let the world know about him and his music and here are some Q&As.


HNGB: Have you performed on stage before?

Sauce: Yes I have performed on stages of various clubs in Indiana. I have also performed at the Black Expo in Indiana and at The Big Jam in Chicago.

HNGB: If you have a chance to perform any where, where would it be?

Sauce: Coachella…The performance and the stage there is on point. Did you see where they had the hologram of Tupac when Snoop Dogg performed. Classic place to perform.

HNGB: Are you the type of artist that is constantly in the studio?

Sauce: I am in the studio a lot. I always have my laptop up even when I am not in the studio. When I have an idea outside of the studio and my laptop is not in reach I would record my ideas on my phone, and then go to the studio to lay it down.

HNGB: Who are some of the people you have collaborated with?

Sauce: I am always working and collaborating with my IMG family which includes my brother Bubby B. I have worked with Pop Rock Group Loose Screws, J. Dirty, Dorian Sellers of YMCMB, and NyShawn. These are just a few to mention.

HNGB: Do you think the use of the internet hurt music artists or do it help?

Sauce: Internet can help an artist distribute their music and gain access to building their fan base world-wide. The internet can hurt artist as well, because so many people are doing the same thing with their music or you have people with gimmicks that is taking over the internet.

HNGB: What do you think about Hip Hop music today?

Sauce:It’s good, but it is starting to sound repetitive. Every song is not as exciting like how it used to be because everyone is copying each other. When originality is missing then everyone has music that sounds alike.

HNGB: Where do you see yourself in long-term?

Sauce: I see myself dropping more music for people to enjoy. I want to dabble more behind the scenes of music production, want to do films, gain more artists under IMG, and see Indgreedyantz Music Group grow into big and noted Empire.

HNGB: Where can people listen, download, and buy your music?

Sauce: On YouTube just search for Ingreedyantz Music Group, my music can be found on DatPiff, Soundcloud. We also go out on the streets and hand out CDs. Also people can go to our website http://www.ingreedyantz.com and we have merchandise for sale such as shirts and glow in the dark wristbands.

HNGB: Anything else you want the readers to know?

Sauce: Got a lot of stuff in store in 2015. Be on the lookout for Ingreedyantz Music Group because we are going to bring it to you in 2015. We are working to make IMG a household name.


Be Sure to go to IMG website to check out music from Sauce and IMG family. http://www.indgreedyantz.com