Dontrell Grant who goes by the rap name Splash has been rapping for 10 years. Raised in small community  Blakely, South Carolina he is much supported by his family, friends, and fans. Splash told me in an interview that music was a way for him to escape from the struggles of living in the country, and his struggles inspired him to make hype music. This young man hails from the community where my mother was born and raised and also where my siblings and I grew up and raised with the tight connection of supporting family. I listened to a song called Take You Home on Facebook that was shared by a mutual family member and at that moment I knew he has a gift that need to be exposed. 

With many of Hip Hop artists making music that resembles each other and pretty much has the same concept, Splash wanted to make his music very live and hype. “Living in the country and going through hard times inspires me to make hype music. Hype music makes me forget what I am going through in the moment”. Splash has a mixtape on DatPiff titled A Day In A Life and he is currently working on a second mixtape The Streets Made Me. 

Splash has performed in clubs in the Pee Dee and Low Country areas in South Carolina such as Jet-Away Lounge in Kingstree, Club Heat in Myrtle Beach, numerous clubs in Florence, and at his hometown very own Huell’s Enterprise in Blakely. “When I perform the crowd comes to life and they start acting up. This is why I make hype music”. Splash collaborated with other hometown artists such as KP, and indie producer Jonathon Chandler, and Oceanez. ” I used to be part of of a group called Carolina Chemistry where we collaborated on each other’s songs, but now me, KP, Keith Filmore, and Oceanez and a couple others are together under SplashNation”. Splash has music played on a local radio station Swagga 94.1 in Florence, SC. “The DJ always play independent artists music”.

Splash mentioned that in hopes that he will be able to work with Drake and Migos. “Drake is lyrical and he do a lot of shows and has great music. Migos has a huge fan base and everyone listens to them”. He has a clothing line respectively called SplashNation. ” When I go to perform I have SplashNation shirts and CDs to hand out to the people”. In the next 5 years Splash see himself and his clothing line as a household name, be involved in the production of his music, make money to give back to the community where he was raised and to the people who support him.

I can see the potential in Splash and his style of music is very outgoing, hype, and inspirational. Splash music will put you into a “turnt up” mode that mirror the kind of life he want to live. Splash does most of his promoting on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, SoundCloud, and YouTube. Splash want all of you to go check out his music, become fans, share, and follow him. Check out the links below for more music and more of Blakely, South Carolina native. Stay tuned for details on his upcoming video to his hit single Anyway.

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