Tonight my ears and eyes were set on fire from the stage presence and hard hitting poetry. From the time I walked through the door I can feel the intense energy from the creative minds of the spoken words artists. Poetry Night at Coffee Underground was started and hosted by a couple of kindred souls Moody Black and Kimbi The Goddess. Tonight for the first time I was able to hear rhymes through an outlet that I didn’t know that existed in South Carolina. This blog will touch bases with the acts that touched me and moved me vibrantly. 


Moody Black sited a new poem in which he ripped into the depths of technology, the government, and how people as a whole is suckered into the hype of it. Moody gave the audience raw energy and his wittiness and common sense humor open my eyes to a world that I used to take part in.

JJ Dae, oh me oh my that JJ Dae lit the stage on fire with his acoustic hip hop and R&B. For anyone who have never seen this young man perform, I implore you to follow him and find places where he is scheduled to perform….I must warn you, be prepared to be wowed and wooed by his energy and humor. JJ Dae EXECUTED my favorite songs from his upcoming album “Stuck In The Moment” (That Girl and Stuck In The Moment) with high drive definitely fit to please the crowd. I would pay mainstream concert tickets prices to see him perform a whole set. JJ Dae’s album “Stuck In The Moment” will be available for purchase September 27, 2014.

There was a beautiful, divalicious, curvaceous, talented BBW Annie Lee who captured my attention with her poems. She had a poem to let playas know that their lines won’t work and her second poem that was personally evoked with emotions that spoke about her upbringing (she is biracial). This is another artist who I will love to feature as well. When I spoke to her she said “Have you been out here before”? Of course this was my first time at Coffee Underground and I let her in on that and she went on to say “Tonight was just light work, you ain’t heard nothing if you didn’t hear my poem for the big girls”. I can’t wait to hear more from her.


The feature speaker for tonight was Detroit, MI native Rosemarie “One Single Rose” Wilson. I will not go into full details on her background other than her poetry because I don’t want to spoil her feature. Her poems will have a side chick crying for a change and will have men melt and loathe at her feet. Her voice is angelic and her words are sharp as shards of glass. The entire time on stage she made me laugh, nod in agreement, clap my hands, and snap my fingers. She represent being a Detroit Girl and most importantly a lover and continued cultivator of spoken words.


There were so many talents to mentioned, and I can’t forget this talented brother The Brutal Truth that recited a poem that depicted the love and having the other poets to call family. The second poem he did spoke of the recent rash of police brutality that resulted in deaths. There was another poet who spoke about growing up in the hood in New York and moved his family down here to SC to live a better life. Everyone did a great job, everyone had a poem that opened my eyes to an art that is not recognized beyond what is considered poetry from Nikki Minaj and Bobby Schmurda. 

I want to thank Moody Black for inviting me to come out to see what spoken words can be in South Carolina. I encourage all to come out to Coffee Underground every Sunday night at 7pm and prepare to have an awesome time. It’s only $5 to get in and if you are a poet, then you should come lend us your talents.