In life we encounter events that can make us or break us. Family, friends, and foes can be  the ingredients to produce the substance called hardships. Not too many people can channel the negative energy to create something so much greater than the chaos that ensnares us. Comedian Latrese Allen better known as Crazy Trese overcame obstacles to bring laughter. Latrese is the epitome of a strong woman whom never waiver nor succumb to the poison of the society we live in, instead she used it to make comedic relief not only for her attentive audience……She did it for herself and her children. Latrese is as real as they come who is outspoken with raw talent. Take a moment to get to know the woman who produce gut busting comedy. Hustlez N Grindz Blog Magazine Presents Getting to Know Comedian Crazy Trese.

Crazy Trese Stand Up Routine @ Laughing Skull

Latrese became interested in comedy as a kid watching BET Comic View. “I really like Sommore, Sheryl Underwood, Mrs. Laura, Bernie Mac, Steve Harvey (favorite comedian whom she listens to every morning), Arnez, just so many to name. Just watching them as a child I really enjoyed it. I always made people laugh especially my friends and family”. As she got older Latrese ventured into doing stand up comedy at various open mic venues. Just in recent months Latrese started doing skits that she taped and shared on social media sites. Her skits and routines are mainly improvs. “I do a lot of my skits off the top of my head. The first one I did, I was like I just want to do something. I am going to do a couple of plays and those I would have to write out, because I want to have my plays in a performance theater”.

Where do you get your materials or what inspires your skits and routines?, I asked. “I try to be different and not do what others are doing. You have so many upcoming comedians dress up like women, or coming at the women. I want to do something that set me apart from them. I use life experiences as well. I have seen so much, I have an auntie who is always sleeping because she takes some pills and I used that in a skit. The character Stankin’ Charlie came from a man that my grandma was with. His name wasn’t Charlie, but he was always stank, nasty, and never took a bath. I used parts of my life and make it funny”.  With that being said I said I hope no one was offended using them in her skits. “No everyone think it’s funny, and plus the guy is dead now and even if he was alive he still wouldn’t know about Stank Charlie because he didn’t watch TV when he was living. He passed away so he is gone now, he don’t even know about it”, and soon after she finished her sentence we shared a chuckle or two.

How do Crazy Trese deal with hecklers during a stand up routine? Latrese told me that so far no one booed her or try to steal the spotlight when she does stand up comedy.“Everyone showed me love at every open mic I performed. I can get up there and do some stuff and the audience will scream and laugh. Sometimes other comics would say I did good, but I need to work on my punchlines. I told them that I am going to do this my way.” Latrese is not a stranger to being in the limelight, “punchlines are not me….. yet”. As far as social media hecklers goes, Latrese give them a piece of her mind. She said that at first social media hecklers negative posting of her made her feel bad. They would comment about her physical stature and her character she portrays on her skits. “I used to get back at them, but my manager told me don’t worry about the haters. Let them continue to share your videos and pictures because it is getting your skits out there, as long as they are not invading your personal space and pages on social media sites. When they share your skits, their friends may like it and share it. People talked about Kevin Hart and Steve Harvey before they made it, and they are famous because the haters share their routines”.


Crazy Trese is not just a character, she is her escape from the harsh reality of the life she was living. As a child Latrese was molested and she did a lot of bad things to try to get attention from her mother to show her love and to console her. Latrese would act out by fighting other students, her teachers, knocking over desks, therefore she was put in a school for children with bad behavior. “I did stuff to get love and attention. I started doing things to make it seem as if I am crazy such as fighting family and fighting the police. Family and friends started calling me crazy because of the things that I was doing. At the age of 13 I got locked up into the program.  As a juvenile if you act out then you wouldn’t have to stay in program. I remembered when my grandmother had “Roots” on her and she was in pain, just dripping wet from sweat coming out of her body, she went to doctors and they couldn’t find anything wrong.  I knew that I had to put on a good act to get myself out. So when the people left my room I poured water over my body and re-acted what I saw that happened to my grandmother and started screaming something was in me, I was 16 years old at the time. A lady came in my room and asked me what was wrong, still putting on an act and I  told her that something is in me. So the lady said we are going to the hospital, little did I know the hospital she was talking about wasn’t what I thought it was. I was being institutionalized and when they put me in a room they strapped me down and gave me medicine that made me go to sleep. I stayed in the “crazy” hospital for five days and then I was returned back to the program, and I was given medications to keep me calm, and they released me in 7 months. Some of the other girls were upset because I got out in 7 months after acting out and being institutionalized, while they did 16 months. I told them sometimes you just gotta act crazy. My mother didn’t show me love and treated me different from my sister because she didn’t like my dad who died when I was one. My friends witnessed me snap because of what I went through during my childhood.So people called me crazy or girls would say don’t mess with Trese because she is crazy. So I used that to my advantage to come up with the materials for my skits and routines”.

I must say that Latrese used what was disadvantages in her life to create an atmosphere to keep everyone laughing. Latrese rode against the grain living in the streets of Sarasota, Florida from being molested and institutionalized as a child, to being homeless, slanging, boosting,  going to jail, being harassed by the police, to even suing the police department. Latrese left behind her grandmother in Sarasota and moved to Atlanta, GA to escape the streets that was the fuel to what was her downward spiral. Latrese dabbled in business ventures such as cleaning homes to keep herself together and to make money to support her four beautiful children. She gain many fans as she outsource what is the beginning of something positive since leaving the place that created so many scars. Just from talking to Latrese I can tell she is passionate about her gift to spread laughter. Latrese is very optimistic about her future which includes doing plays, writing an autobiography, and acting in movies. Latrese has a big heart for children in which she want to go to schools to talk to students about bullying. Her past no longer haunts her because she is busy focusing on making Crazy Trese a household name.

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