Everyday I am on Facebook, YouTube, Sound Cloud, and other sites to listen to music. As I was going through the catalog of  independent artists I came across a single entitled Body. This song had me in a trance, hell I was twerking up a storm. So I started to listen to more of this artist music and came across a street banger featuring Young Buck and Young Noble called R.N.S. Inevitably I knew I had to get an interview with Greenwood, South Carolina very own….Buddy Boi.

Buddy Boi was inspired by music at the age of 9 when he first heard the lyrical flow of LL Cool J single I’m Bad. By the time he reached the age of 12 he was creating his own music. Buddy Boi started putting together lyrics on some beats with his cousins. Most of his musical and lyrical influences includes Ice Cube, Scarface,OutKast, Goody Mob, Nas, 8 Ball & MJG,  and Jay-Z.


Buddy Boi just dropped his mixtape Soul and Struggle USA on August 29th, 2014 with DJ Wally Sparks and Burn One. “Soul and Struggle USA mixtape is doing really good. Getting a lot of love on that one. I worked with a lot of major artists on this mixtape such as Young Buck from G-Unit, Shad Da God from Hustle Gang, Young Noble from The Outlawz, Project Pat, and others”.

I asked him to describe his style of rapping. Buddy Boi broke it down to me nice and simple. “Everyone has their own lane. I consider my style to be more like older rapping such as The Dungeon Family, 8 Ball, Outkast. That is why I called my mixtape Soul and Struggle USA, because my music bring back soul to hip hop. We got our own movement, we are just food for the soul. Everybody got their own struggles even if you got a hundred thousand dollars in your pocket, everybody struggles with something. You have your blue collar folks, dope boys, 9-5 grinders, you know everybody are not pushing Ferrari’s, there are real people are stuck in the soul and struggle of the USA”.


Do you think there is real movement in the Carolinas when it comes to music? ” I think the right people gotta come through to get it together. You know a lot of people come through South and North Carolina when traveling. Most people stop here before going to major shows. If we would just come as a whole to push each other’s music, then we can make a lot of noise. Our radio stations need to start playing more of our music, people in the Carolinas need to download our music and go out and promote it. We need to come together and start our own movement and stop running to Atlanta and New York chasing dreams. We gotta build right here around the Carolinas….New York has their own movement and Atlanta has their own, The Carolinas need it’s own”.  I injected with the thought of the Carolinas not really supporting their own artists because people are too much into clicks. For instance Spartanburg got their own click that won’t support artists from Greenville, or Charleston artists that may not support Columbia artists. Their are North Carolina artists who may not support South Carolina artists and visa versa. “Look at Atlanta. No matter what part of the ATL they are from, those people support each other because they know there is money to be made. People in the Carolinas need to get out of that crab in the bucket mentality”.

How do you outsource your music? “FaceBook, blogs, live mixtape downloads, trapping out the trunk, I have a marketing team call Team Supreme that handles promotions, a blogger, I have a guy in Atlanta and one in Boston who promote my music in those areas, I also have a website and a person who manages that. From me personally my MGM team we make sure we are on the road doing shows, and making sure we have materials to give to people at the shows”. Do you feel the use of technology and the internet make artist lazy when it comes to promoting their music? “Most definitely….on the internet people can do what they wanna do. Back in the day you had to go out and show people who you are, its not like that now.

Speaking of show, how often do you do a show? “Almost 3 shows a week now. We are trying to keep doing shows. Got the AC3 show coming up on October 11th.” I told Buddy Boi that the AC3 concert is major, because a lot of independent artists got discovered there. “Yeah AC3 is a concert that every independent artist should go to”. Do you have a brand outside of your music? “Yeah I actually have Soul and Struggle shirts, we got Team Supreme that are doing some charity in the communities, we be at churches around Thanksgiving giving out turkeys, we will be doing more things for the communities”.


Where do see yourself in a couple of years? “In a couple of years I see myself on the Freshman cover of XXL Magazine. I want to see everything become official to bring the state of South Carolina to a whole new level, to let people know that we got something to say”. How do you handle hate from people who talk about you? “I learned at a young age that if you have haters then you are doing something right. If you don’t have haters, then you are not doing anything at all”.

Where would you like to perform at next? “Madison Square Garden. Jay-z tore that place down and I was influenced by him so Madison Square Garden is a place I would like to perform”. I asked Buddy Boi what is the importance of having music mixed and mastered, and he told me that it is very important to have your music mixed and mastered. Having good quality music and sound will invite people to listen. “Music that is not mixed and mastered is a turn off”.

Buddy Boi stays consistent when it comes to everything about his music and brand. He only use beats from trusted producers and engineers, he use his trusted recording studio outlet, and he is loyal to his team.

You can follow Buddy Boi on Twitter and Instagram @BuddyBoi864, FaceBook search Buddy Boi, YouTube The Rea  lBuddyB.O.I.

Be sure to go to livemixtapes.com and download his latest Soul and Struggles USA. http://mobile.livemixtapes.com/mixtapes/29764/buddy-boi-soul-and-struggle-usa.html

Shout Out to Rena Marie for blogging and putting Carolina artist like myself out there, so this is my personal Shout Out to you

-Buddy Boi

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