Thinking back to the moment when I watched All Things Fall Apart with Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson, Mario Van Peebles, Lynn Whitfield, and Ray Liotta, I noticed the person that brought on the comedic relief on a drama motion picture. This person was so funny, daring, and charismatic. Even though his name was not etched as a top starring actor, but his part captivated a piece of me that wanted to know more about him…..and even wondered why this is my first time seeing him. As a blogger I go to various sites to listen to music and check out other bloggers music reviews. The first thing I heard on this particular music critic blog on ThisIs50.com was “Ain’t nobody hatin’ on you dawg“, and again I was thrown into a trance listening to what he had to say about the independent artists that submitted their music. A friend and myself continued to watch him on YouTube, and recently I was able to get in touch with him. With uncertainty that he would even reply back, he did and he was cool with the interview. There is so much to say about his interview and you will get to know The People’s Comedian Mike P.




Mike P wears many hats that includes Comedy, Radio Personality, and Acting. I asked Mike if he was doing comedy first or did he start out as a radio personality. “I was always a comedian since high school, that’s when I first knew that I was going to do this for a living. I had a drama class where people would ditch their 4th period class because the teacher would let me do stand up for like 15 minutes at the end of the class. People would come to to sit in. I used to play football and I used to do the pep rallies making the whole school laugh. One day my friends had me to go down to a comedy club in Los Angeles (Mike P is from Pasadena, CA) and I went down there and I bombed. I wrote new materials, came back and did real good. I got real popular in LA and I got offers to colleges on football scholarships. My mama said “Boy your ass is always gonna be funny, better get your ass to college.” That’s what made me come to Las Vegas and then football didn’t work out. I came up with the idea to get on the radio to start my own comedy show. I knew I was going to blow up and that is exactly what happened”.

Mike went on to tell me that he met rapper, actor, and business mogul 50 Cent at the radio station Hot 97.5 Las Vegas. He also mentioned that he spoke with Tyler Perry and he was a cast on one of his stage productions. Mike P has opened for some of the most well know comedians such as Martin Lawrence, Mike Epps, Katt Williams, Kings of Comedy, Queens of Comedy, and many others. At the same time Mike P had his own comedy show at The Caesar’s Palace on the strip of Las Vegas. “It was popping and I had my own little movement rolling when I met 50 Cent. People was telling me I got 5 minutes and three questions with 50 Cent. While we was talking, I was thinking man everybody don’t get a chance to talk to this dude like this everyday. So I said aye man let me tell you something homie, before I tell you what I’m about to tell you I’m gonna let you know off top I ain’t looking for no motherfuckin’ hand out, I’m looking for a hand up. I told him that I am the new face of comedy cuz I said it. Then he laughed and he said let me see what you got. He (50 Cent) looked at some of the stuff I had and he said get his number. Two months later he called me and said “I want you to be in this movie with me. I want you to play my best friend”. I never acted a day in my life. I went out there and did the movie, I did real good and then the rest is history”.


Did you do any other movies? “Yeah I had done a couple other movies. What a lot of people don’t understand about film is you can do a project, but it may never come out. Sometimes it takes five years before a movie come out, and some don’t ever come out. Studios don’t want to do the budget and they financially backing out. It’s really a rough situation in entertainment period. If you look at Black Hollywood, how many movies come out for us in a year? Maybe one movie….if that you know what I’m saying. There’s no work for you, unless you create the work. After I learn and realize that shit, I was like man you know what, I am a dope ass writer and I’m just gonna create my own shit. If offers come for me to do something, I will go do that, but for the most part of it it I am doing this on my own. I got my own television production company in Vegas. I produce, write, shoot, all that. People don’t know that my blog on ThisIs50.com I produce, write, shoot, edit, man I do all that shit by myself. People had believe that 50 cent had gave me cameras and a production team….No I do it all by myself and I turn it in. I am just fortunate enough that they let me be over it. The funny part is that we was doing a reality show for VH1 and 50 Cent was like I want you to be on This Is 50. I was like nigga who I gotta holla at. He just gave me the blog with no direction. I went home that Saturday and had the whole blog laid out by Monday. I just start working on it and perfecting it, and figure out how I wanted to do it, and now it is what it is. A lot of people don’t know how hard that shit is to come up with something every week, listening to all that music, produce and edit, then shoot it, and again I do all that myself. I really need to go out and get a team. I didn’t have an agent or management, I got myself through the door”.


Mike was telling me how he came up on top from his own merits. He didn’t have a manager or an agent to tell him what to do, how to do it, and when to do it. “People need to understand that you gotta make it happen, you gotta grind because if you don’t do it, then it will never happen. You will be just another nigga talking and waiting around for ideas. No one gives a fuck about someone talking. This industry only fuck with the doers. No one want to be around anyone that’s begging. That’s like me calling 50 cent begging to be on his shit. When I call 50 I told him about the TV show I produced and tell him it’s dope as fuck, then he wanted to be on it and help me where I need to go. That is just how this shit goes, it ain’t about waiting on no fucking body because you will be waiting forever. Then your ass will be old and your turn will be up”. I said that is like a 40 year old still trying to break into the rap game. As we laughed he Mike P said “Man that shit is over. That is like a 40 year old nigga talking about he bout to go into the NBA, NIGGA IT’S OVER. You only got a certain amount of time and certain window of opportunity to do that shit. That goes for everything you do in life. You got a certain amount of time to get that shit right or your shit done pass homie, you might as well go get a job as a Wal-Mart greeter”. Mike had me cracking up at this point to where I was lost for words. “Man this shit be over quick on a nigga. That is why I don’t waste no days and no time on nothing. Everyday I would not take one day off. You gotta live a life that you don’t ever have to take a vacation from. Shit I love what I do, I do what I want to do everyday”.

In order for you to stick with anything, you gotta love what you do. You can’t just want to do something to make a quick buck in hopes to be rich and famous.  “Man that will never happen if you look at things like that. That shit will never happen. When you love what you do with a passion and you are about your work, your work will speak for itself. As an entertainer no one knows when their time is coming. Sometimes people will come up to me like damn you ain’t made it yet. I tell them listen my time is coming. I will stay consistent and wait my turn”. I said we don’t need a repeat of Trinidad James. “EXACTLY! He just got lucky. That nigga  had no idea that his song All Gold Everything was going to do that. He was in the booth with a fake Gucci belt on , fucked up grill, went in there and just made this shit up, put it out…..man he ain’t know that shit was going to do all that. When you say to yourself you are going to create this, now you don’t know what is going to happen. Beyonce didn’t know that she was going to be all like that. You just hope and you try to be the best you can be. That is why I just do me, I don’t fuck with nobody else style. I am not Mike Epps and Mike Epps can’t do me, I am not Eddie Murphy and Eddie Murphy ain’t me. I don’t try to be like no other comedian other than myself. Entertainment is lacking originality because everyone is bitting off from the next. Art is suppose to be the imitation of life, but now life is imitating art like what kind of shit it that. Everybody is bitting everybody style and that shit is so weak to me as an entertainer. At the end of the day I am just going to do my thing, perfect myself and wait my turn and to always have a level of humility as you grow. You  got to remember that at one time no body knew your name. Nobody cared for you, nobody gave a shit about you being somewhere. Motherfuckers be forgetting the days when nobody know their name”.

Since you don’t imitate other comedians, what makes your stand up comedy unique and different from other comedians? “IT’S MY STORY! It’s my prospective and how I do shit. I am telling my prospective of how I view shit. I’m not biting no one else’s jokes, this is all how I see shit. If you ever watch my sketch comedy on my website, you won’t see nobody else doing that shit because it’s my shit”. I mentioned one of his sketch comedy The Domestic Violence Olympics. I must say this is one of the many that you will have to see, very funny and entertaining. “I am just doing me. I do all the characters, I got all  kind of shit that I do. There are people who influenced me like Eddie Murphy, Martin Lawrence, Robert Townsend, and Keenan Ivory Wayans their work is dope to me. I just try to perfect my work and make it as good as possible. To anybody reading this or going to listen to this, If you are planning on getting into entertainment be prepared for a marathon. Not a sprint, nigga this is actually a run all the way from California to New York back to California, and then back to New York again sometimes. You cannot stop, when you get tired you gotta walk, and when you get your wind back then you start running some more. It is going to be a minute before you get to that destination. People look at success and that is all they see. They don’t see when a nigga being hungry, all the people that gave up hope, they don’t see the struggle that it take to get there. All they see is you shining, your new whip, you new houses, all the bitches over you. They don’t see them fat ugly bitches that was down for a nigga on the come up. You know the ones that bring you peanut butter and jelly sandwiches to the job at Office Depot”. We bust out laughing and at that point I could have done the Homer Simpson on the floor. “They don’t see all that though”. At this point I am gasping for air as he goes on and on.

People say that comedians are usually emotionally damaged or came from a dark place…..Is this true? “Hell fucking yeah it’s true. It sucks to be a comedian because you make everybody laugh and bring everybody joy, but don’t nobody be bringing you any joy. Everybody expects you to be that nigga when they need you to make them laugh, but what about me my nigga. What makes you an awesome comedian is the fucked shit you go through. What turned me into a comedian was my daddy. My daddy was the funniest motherfucker I ever met in my life straight up. He is funnier than everybody….EVER! That nigga is super funny.  One day my auntie stole all my clothes that I got for school and sold it to the dope man. I was going to school everyday with the same clothes on.  When I would get on the bus everybody would be saying ah nigga that them same jeans you had on the other day, and I was a little nigga thinking that I could fight everybody. I just learn how to talk bad about a motherfucker and I was telling them my life was their life. They would say that’s why your auntie did this, and I would be thinking like this is what I’m fixin’ to do….talk bad about them, I was in the 8th grade when all this shit happened. It was all bad for me then. I just found myself using humor to shred off the pain. I learned to keep a positive outlook and not let anything negative fuck with me. Keeping negativity away from you is what life is about. The devil get at you through other people, when you got something positive going and a motherfucker just start fucking with you, just know that is the devil and separate yourself from that shit immediately. If you look at everything in life in this world everything is programmed. We as human beings are programmed to do a job. I think of comedy all day, I don’t think of nothing else because that is what I am programmed to do. I don’t think of computer software or the next greatest invention, iPhones, but if you ask me about something funny I am it. If you don’t do something that you really love then you will be miserable. You will be fucked up because you are not doing what you are programmed to do. Its like a lion that eat meat that say fuck it Imma eat grass, that lion will starve to death, the same goes for human beings. You have got to be doing what you are programmed to do.  If you don’t know what  you are programmed to do, then you need to pray and ask God to figure that shit out. You need to have some clarity and focus about yourself. Lot of people living out here and ain’t got no direction, they don’t know what they are suppose to be doing or where they are headed”.

Are you planning on doing anymore movies? “Oh hell yeah that’s my goal. I want to be a movie star. My goal is I want to make the world laugh. I just want to make motherfuckers laugh and get a check for it”.


Are you currently working on anything? “Yes, I got this TV  show called Mike P Living Room….It’s like Dave Chappelle, SNL, Arsenio Hall, all in one show. I watched those shows and took everything I liked and put a twist on them and made it into my own shit. I do sketch comedy with a three comedian panel, I interview people and the show all the way through is hilarious. My dad is on the show, and I am working on my website to make webisodes. I also have a cartoon show. All this can be found on my website for everybody to check out. I will be dropping a stand up comedy DVD at the end of the year. I do the morning show on radio here in Vegas. I got a cd coming out that will have comedy over music”.  

To get the latest on comedian Mike P following him on his webite http://www.mikepfunny.com and all of his social media links are on his website.

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