Big Sloan aka Sloan bone started making music in high school. Sloan was inspired by Long Beach artists such as Snoop Dogg (Snoop Lion), Warren G, and the late Nate Dogg. “I used to be around artists all the time and I wanted to rap, but I didn’t had the skills to do it and every time I try to rap the other artists would say you are not dope enough to be with us or he can’t do it. I just kept practicing and I always know how to express myself through words, I was always good with words. I love hip hop culture and not just rap music, I like everything that goes with it, you know break dancing, MCing, Dee Jaying, everything that  came with it…..it is a culture”. I told Sloan that is why I like his music, because he know that hip hop is so much more than just rap, hip hop is a way of life, it is how we perceive and express ourselves through breaking, MCing, Dee Jaying, Graffiti, and other physical, ocular, and auditory arts . “Like Bone Thugs N Harmony and Mo Thugs people gravitated to them because they were a movement, they were talking about something that people could relate to and they understood everyday life. It wasn’t like a bunch of dudes just saying some random words”.

Where did you grow up? “Long Beach, California. Born and raised on the Eastside”. Being a native of East side LBC, does your music have any influences being from Long Beach impacts your style? “LBC definitely influenced my style of music. Growing up out here we really didn’t have much of hip hop movement, our culture  was more like gang banging so that had a lot of influences on my music. Then we have artist at the time like Snoop Dogg, Warren G, Nate Dogg, and we was listening to them and they influenced me a lot.” Who was your first influence? “I would say Snoop….wait do you mean my first or my first, first, first influence?” With a little chuckle in my voice I said your very first. Without hesitation Big Sloan replied “Run DMC flat out, Run DMC was my very first influence”. We started talking about how Run DMC were innovators to who collaborated with unique bands and artists that paved the for music that we have today. Run DMC took risks when it came to integrating hip hop with Rock N Roll. Me personally they were the first in rap to bring versatility to hip hop by having Rock Group Aerosmith infused their guitar rifts, big hair, and monster Rock N Roll sound with their rap verses for their hit single “Walk This Way”. “Rock N Roll do the same thing we do. They do the same thing that rap artist do except they use live instruments. When you use live instruments verses using beat machines it sounds different. They do their screaming and rifts, but Rock N Roll they rap too”.

Layzie Bone to the left and Big Sloan

How many albums/mixtapes do you have that is available for people to listen to? “Solo….I got about four mixtapes, I got a duet album out with Layzie Bone call Thug Twins, I currently got this thing I do online call the Weekly 16 where I do a weekly freestyle over industry beats, I got a new mixtape  that I am going to drop call SOS, and Crooked Eyes from SlaughterHouse and myself got this movement call Long Beach vs Everbody that will have music, videos, documentaries, mixtapes…..it will give a little history about Long Beach, also I got a lot of Mo Thug records”. Out of all of your albums and mixtapes which specific project would say is your proud work? “Exacta Standardz, this one had over 1 million downloads. This one was my favorite because it showed my diversity of style. I gave hard core lyrics, street songs, party songs, I gave what people like and this mixtape showed my versatility. People loved it and they download it. I also got a lot of reviews on it as well”.


How did you meet Bone Thugs N Harmony/Layzie Bone? “It was in the 1990s when I was in Las Vegas during New Year’s Eve, my home boy Fredro Starr from Onyx told me to come meet us New York New York. He said me and my home boys and Layzie Bone we here chilling and drinking. We in the lobby of the hotel and was chopping it up. We didn’t have anywhere to go because we only had a room for one night and all the rooms were booked for New Years, so we was like what we going to do. We walked out to the front, Layzie and Fredro was like fuck it lets get a limo. So we got a limo and we was riding through the strip and we was drinking, and we was talking about music and you know just kicking it. We was on party buses and all kind of shit, we didn’t have anywhere to go. By the end of the night and we wanted to go to sleep which was the next day we didn’t have anywhere to go, so we went to my cousin’s house. He had a one bedroom apartment and I told him I need a place to stay. He was like alright you can come, now remind you he didn’t know that I had several other niggas with me. So he went to work and we had his house and we was getting it in. Me, Lazie, Mustafa, Fredro, and a couple other niggas we just chilling. Layzie was saying dog you like my brother and the rest was history. Real recognized real and it wasn’t about music at the time, we was just kicking it. I wasn’t like dog put me on or anything, we was just doing what we do. He told me that he was part of Mo Thugs, and I didn’t know much about them. He heard me rap and I went on a tour with Layzie and that is how I meant the rest of Bone Thugs N Harmony”.


Big Sloan with Bone Thugs N Harmony

Big Sloan said that he tell other dudes that want to be in the industry when you approach people who already in the industry don’t let the first thing to come out of your mouth to be I do music and listen to my music….especially if they are in the club, “We are in the club to do the same thing you are doing, we come to chill and have fun. No one want to hear about your music when we are trying to kick it with our people. I rather for you to just give me your CD and if it is something good, then I will pass it to my management, but other than that don’t push the issue when I am in the club chilling. I didn’t invite you to my area, so just like you we are in the club to kick it and chill. Layzie didn’t know that I could rap until I was in the booth, and he was liked it and he spit a verse and was like yeah we going to put that out. I never put the pressure on Layzie to listen to my music. We kicked it together and when he did hear me in the booth it was on from there. Never force your hand to people. Can’t be mad when people don’t want to fuck with you….you tried. These young cats today force their music on people and they get mad when people don’t like it. They don’t understand that I may have four albums that I am trying to putting out. Before I listen to other people, my projects come first. Just don’t force or press people because they may have a million things to do. If they like what you have, then eventually someone will contact you. These young cats don’t see the work behind the success”.

Do you write your own music? “I write everything. I don’t oppose people who write songs for other people, but nobody can write for me because their words are not mine. How can you write a song for me and I only met you 30 mins ago? You don’t know anything about me or what I like. Writing music comes from how I see things and how I feel. I may do a hook, but it will be off of my idea. Other than that I write all of my music. Writers write music that comes from what they experience or feel, and that’s not me”.


Big Sloan and KRS-One

Do people listen to your music because of the beat or your lyrics? “Really it is the combination of both. People really listen to my lyrics because I can relate to them through my music. When music is real people will gravitate to it.”

Big Sloan really has music that delivers a message that people anywhere can relate to. With music genuine as Big Sloan’s, I can see why so many people ride for him and the reason why Layzie Bone chose him to represent Mo Thugs and Harmony Howse Ent.


Sloan Bone Audio Shout Outs During The Interview


Big Sloan Music Video- “Sticc Em”



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