The Plastic Queen of Gossip and Tabloid News Wendy Williams decided to produce Aaliyah’s movie, and Lifetime co-signed it. I was skeptic about Wendy Williams paying homage to the R&B Princess, but I never thought that this trashy being would have made this all about a love a affair between Aaliyah and R. Kelly. Apparently she didn’t follow Aaliyah back then (probably all the Coke, plastic surgeries, and other atrocities had Wendy sidelined) because we all knew about it and to be honest that was her personal life.


The casting of the main characters were poorly chosen, the timeline was horribly put together, the movie lacked the talent of the late singer Aaliyah, and her hit songs were not played. This low budget and ghetto flick was created only for Tranny Wendy Williams to spew more gossip about the relationship between Aaliyah and R. Kelly.


Did Aaliyah’s family gave Wendy Williams the right to construct this movie? Apparently not! I hope and pray that the family of Aaliyah have a good law team to place a lawsuit in motion for this despicable and ill planned movie. I can also hope that Wendy Williams reads and listens to every review about this movie. It would be wise for her not to have this movie played again, and for Lifetime to remove both the movie and Wendy Williams from the likes of their trademark.


As a huge fan of Aaliyah, she was much more than what was portrayed on this Gossip Movie. She had talent beyond measures, she was loved by her family, friends, and fans. Her music and fashion were never distasteful. We all can only hope and pray that someone will produce a movie that will convey the very being of our R&B Princess Aaliyah.


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