You may have seen some of comedian Ronald ‘Goonk” Jones’ video roasts. Ronald Jones who is a native of Mobile, Alabama became an internet sensation with his “Boy Watcha Doin” comedy roast videos. After having much success of his roast videos, Jones decided to make “Boy Watcha Doin” a trademark.

Ronald realized that he had the knack for making people laugh in high school. When I asked him when did he found out that he could make people laugh he said “I really didn’t think about it because people thought I was funny in class. One day I downloaded an app on my phone and just started making videos. I was already known by people in my city and they share my videos, and then people from other states just started sharing my videos”.
So what made Ronald do comedy roasting videos? “I used to jank (joke) on people in class, and there was this one dude and he used to jank on pictures and I started janking on him. People just started sharing the videos and keep asking me when I was going to do another one or send me stuff to my inbox to roast on, since people was inboxing me on Facebook stuff to make more and I did”.

How did you come up with “Boy Watcha Doin” Roasts? “It started when I did a roast on gymnast Gabrielle Douglas. There was a video of her trying to do the Dougie Dance and I edited that video as if I was talking to her and I keep asking her what are you doing. I was getting a lot of feedback, people asking me to do more, and I was getting a lot of comments from people asking me why I keep saying that, and I just keep doing it”.

Do you see yourself doing StandUp Comedy? “Yes but no. I think that if I get comfortable, but really I don’t want to do StandUp comedy. I rather do my videos and get paid views off it or even get into acting. Maybe once I get in the mindset of doing it, then I would, but for now I like doing the videos. I really want to get into acting”.


What is your most memorable and popular roast video? “I got a lot of views when I did a roast video on another comedian DC YoungFly, but my most favorite and memorable ones would have to be the one about Nikki Minaj and the girl with the glasses”.

Have you done any Roast Battles? “Yeah I did three”. Have you ever lost a Roast Battle? “I lost one of the roast battles between me and another roaster Farod. I think he won the first round, but the rest of them I got em. Some people said that I won the first round, but really he did…lol he went in on me boy…lol”. Have you ever had anyone in a Roast Battle take the jokes personally? “Ummmmm, let me think…..I was janking on rapper Young Thug and this sissy got mad and inbox me and said that he didn’t like the way I was going in on Young Thug. I honestly thought it was girl that sent me that message, so I was like Huh. I was wondering to myself why is she so mad, and then I noticed it was a dude. I was like oh man you a dude….that’s why you are mad. Then I told him your video coming next. I made a video roasting him and he got mad and then he dropped a status on me saying I don’t care…blah blah blah. Then another sissy got mad at that video and commented that I wasn’t funny and said that I was ugly….So I roasted him too. Another sissy commented on that video and he got mad and I roasted him as well, then after all that it stopped. They make it so easy for me to roast them because they are so simple minded”.

Who inspired you to do these videos? “Nobody really. The roasting videos are requests from the people who watch my videos. I really like doing skits”. Do you have any Skits? “I did a lot of skits, that is all I did at first. If I would have not gotten Facebook famous, I probably would be doing more skits than roast videos. I have some skits that has a lot of part II’s to them. The next one I do will have part III or something”.

Are you currently working on anything that people should be looking forward to? “I am trying to build my Instagram up for my videos, because I think more people will look at videos there and I think that I will have a better chance of getting noticed. I will be making a part II to the Dirty Police video”.

There is so much that can be said about Ronald’s talent as a comedic roaster. Take a look at some of his work and in which you can find plenty more on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/thirdline.gounk?fref=ufi and also find his videos on YouTube by searching Boy Watcha Doin. Below you will see a couple of his roasting videos.

Ronald Jones would like to give shout outs to all his haters because without them sharing his videos to trash talk him, he would not have gotten the views. He also would like to give a shout out to a teacher from high school who told him that he would not accomplish graduating from school….Right now Ronald is in college. Ronald will like to give shout out to Farod for holding it down, his sisters who have their comedic moments as well.

Ronald want to give a special shout out and PSA to the person who stole his dog. Please return his dog and he know who you are and where you live….lol and most likely you will get roasted next.