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Comedian Chris Hester

My encounter with comedian Chris Hester was through YouTube. I was just scrolling through some parody videos and music videos. Sometimes if you don’t pick what you want to watch next the programming automatically starts the next video. Well needless to say I wasn’t paying attention to which video that was next to play, and when I did finally started watching the video I thought that Rapper Rick Ross had a video about chicken. After 30 seconds of watching the video I noticed that it wasn’t Rick Ross and in fact this was  comedian Chris Hester doing a parody of Rick Ross. With the help of a friend I was able to interview Chris and in his words it was delicious.

Rena Marie: How long have you been doing comedy?

Chris Hester: It’s been six years now.

Rena Marie: Who or what inspired you to do comedy?

Chris Hester: My biggest inspiration are my kids.

Rena Marie: Do you do stand up comedy and if so do you write your routines?

Chris Hester: Yes I do stand up comedy. I written a lot of routines. I have routines for churches, I have materials for Improv Clubs, I have routines for urban crowds.

Rena Marie: How do you come up with the materials for your routines?

Chris Hester: My life. My day to day life experiences. Say for instance the Like button on Facebook. What man ain’t got his head bust open for likes on Facebook? You know what I’m saying…You can be in the shower chilling and your girl come in there and pull the shower curtain back “What is it you like about Shaquisha” or “Who is big booty Johnson”, well the name speaks for itself….LOL

Rena Marie: During a stand up routine how do you handle hecklers?

Chris Hester: I handle hecklers with love and care. Like if you working at McDonald’s shaking your fries, I’m not gonna bother you while you are working. Don’t bother me while I am on stage doing my job. I’mma take five minutes out of my time and I am going to handle you. My joke will be so good that it will go back to the regularly scheduled program that is already in progress.

Rena Marie: In a sense do you think that hecklers may have helped your show?

Chris Hester: Yes, Yes, Yes it have been some shows when you have hecklers who are good and they actually agreeing with you. You got to be in the game long enough to know what  kind of people you are dealing with. You should be able to look at them and tell if they are just intoxicated and having fun. Whereas you got some people that just want to be with their crew and think that they are funny, you got to give them “star time”

Rena Marie: What happens if people don’t laugh at your jokes?

Chris Hester: I have experienced this and not everybody going to laugh at your jokes. It is kind of like a Rocky Balboa fight, if you ever watch the Rocky and Apollo fight where Rocky keep getting his ass beat. Rocky kept trying and that is the same here. You gotta keep trying, just gotta keep swinging because after while they will get tired and eventually give in.

Using The Word Bitch.  Reppin Bitch Gang

Rena Marie: I am going to switch lanes a little bit. I see that you do a lot of parody skits. Are you pursuing to do some acting?

Chris Hester: Doing the parody is a stepping stone, so I am gearing up to do some acting.

Rena Marie: Is Ricky Sauce the only parody or do you have others?

Chris Hester: I have other characters. I do Baby (AKA Birdman), at this time I am going to do a lot of skits of my personal self. It will be like Chris Hester vs the other parodies.

Lil Wayne- Love Me Official Parody Video Chris as Baby AKA Birdman

Rena Marie: Do you see yourself being more of a stand up comedian or doing more acting with the  parodies?

Chris Hester: I am going to be all of the above.

Rena Marie: Are their any famous comedians that your would like to meet or work with?

Chris Hester: I would like to work with  Mike Epps and Kevin Hart, but the ones that I really would like to meet and work with have passed on such as Bernie Mac, Robin Harris, and especially Richard Pryor. Richard Pryor was the first comedian I have ever seen to do an one hour set, take a 30 min break, and then come back to do another one hour set.

Rena Marie: How do you find people to perfectly match your counterpart characters in your parodies?

Chris Hester: It’s not that hard to find people who can do the skits. People inbox me and ask me when I am shooting something new or when are you doing this or when are you doing that. It’s really not that hard to find somebody to help out.

Rick Ross The Devil Is A Lie-Official Parody Video

Rena Marie:Since having over a million views on your Ricky Sauce parodies, have Rick Ross or anyone from his camp address you about them?

Chris Hester: I heard plenty from Rick Ross camp. Now it is like he does his music for me to spoof. As you can see since I started doing Ricky Sauce parodies no one else will do them because they can’t get the voice and the look down.

In This Song Rick Ross Shout Out Ricky Sauce and His Hometown Montgomery, Alabama @2:20 mark. This song is on Rick Ross new album Hood Billionaire

Rena Marie: You definitely have the voice and look. I was watching another Ricky Sauce parody “All Roll Everything-Remix”.and you was sitting in a tub surrounded by McDonald’s french fries.

Chris Hester: Yeah and they had me sitting in a tub full of ketchup. They went out and bought tons of ketchup and had me sitting in it. 

Rena Marie: On a personal note, is it true that comedians come from dark places in their lives.

Chris Hester: Yes that is so true. You have to go through something to make you  want to venture out to become a comedian. This is my time to vent, if I didn’t come from a dark place then I can’t relate to the people.

Rena Marie: Going back to the beginning, when did you realize that you could make people laugh?

Chris Hester: I would say in the first grade. I always con my teachers out of doing stuff. I could argue with my teachers in class and they wouldn’t write me up. I also made some of my teachers day that they would be happy to see me. Even when I got pulled over by the police, they would be laughing at me instead of trying to lock me up or something and that was way before I started doing comedy. From that point on I said hey I am going to try it. 

Rena Marie: I am sure you are aware of the Bill Cosby rape allegations against him, how do you feel about it especially with him not being an explicit comedian?

Chris Hester: That’s another comedian I look up to as well. It saddens me to say this, but I wouldn’t put it pass him on the fact that he said in an interview “If I did fornicate with them it was consensual”. Ok you just gave yourself away, you was taking ass. He probably took a little bit of ass along the way. Still think that he is a great comic and I still look up to him. Anytime you reach a certain plateau the media will search for any little thing to knock you down. They wait until the man almost dead, I mean rigor mortis is about to settle in….LOL

Rena Marie: Any advice for upcoming comedians?

Chris Hester: Stay humble. No matter what you do or where you are in life you gotta stay humble.

I had a blast interviewing and he told me about a few famous people whom he made laugh such as soul singer Anthony Hamilton. Chris opened up the show for Anthony Hamilton and he was cracking up back stage. Chris Hester is a comedian to definitely to be on the lookout for. Chris has some things that he wanted to address:

Chris Hester: I would like to address this….If you are ugly on Facebook don’t get on Instagram and think you ain’t ugly. Nobody want to see them little ugly ass pictures of you.I just wanted to address that if you’re ugly, just be ugly. Don’t take pictures of your head and leave out your body. Don’t post pictures if your can’t post a whole body shot. People tired of looking at a pretty head to only imagine a fucked up body. WASH YA ASS. THIS IS FOR PEOPLE IN GENERAL WASH YOUR ASS. Shout out to my crew DJ George and Mr. Grind.

You can follow Chris Hester on twitter and instagram @ChrisHester334, YouTube short334 or search Ricky Sauce, you can search Ricky Sauce on Vine.

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