A rapper called me a “industry nigga” because I wouldn’t watch his video.

If he paid attention — he’d realize that I’m NOT a part of the music industry. I’m in the music business -not the music industry.

In the music business you make & KEEP the money made from your music.

In the music industry you give up ownership AND the majority of the money made from your music.

I sacrifice a lotta time & effort tryna help artists master the music business without getting raped by the music industry.

Nobody got time to waste hating on u dumb rappers…..I try to teach u clowns…..but some ppl came out the womb wearin big shoes, wigs & face paint.

Let’s get it together my ppl. Ain’t no excuse for the thirst….put ya work in.

You cannot rap your way to success in the business of music. You gotta work your way there.

-Tony Guidry