As the news regarding the incident of the late singer/actress Whitney Houston and singer/actor Bobby Brown daughter Bobbi Kristina Brown surfaced, I noticed how cruel people are in this world. I have read  various postings with comments such as “Like mother like daughter, she is just doing it for the attention, BK is a spoiled rich brat” and so forth.

People we should show empathy, sympathy, and compassion no matter our economic status. Bobbi Kristina loss her mother, confidant, and best friend. She was experiencing pain that some of those same people that spoke ill of her will never comprehend what she went through, especially being in the public eye of scrutiny.

I pray that this young woman pulls through by the grace if God. I want to see her exceed the expectations of those who wrongfully talked about her and the late Whitney Houston. It saddens me to know that people just have such nasty spirits that they constantly show when tragedy strikes.

No matter what happened that placed Bobbi K in that bathtub non-responsive , she is a human being fighting for her life. She is someone’s love, wife, daughter, and friend. Let us be respectful and mindful of the frailness of this family emotional state at this time. Continue to send prayers and well wishes to strengthen Bobbi Kristina and her family.