Rap phenom Big Bone is no stranger to music. Native of Panhandle Pensacola, Florida Big Bone was putting bars together for ten years. At an early age Big Bone was introduced to music through his father who was a DJ for Roy Jones, The Bouncer, Uncle Luke and others.“My Dad pretty much got me into music”. Some of his other musical influences was the late Big Pun and Notorious B.I.G, Lil Wayne, Heavy D, and Jay-Z. ” My music comes from personal experiences. No pen and no pad, I just get with my producers Spade Melo and Evil G and construct my music from the beats right there on the spot”, said Bone when I asked him what inspired his lyrics.

Big Bone is known for his fire freestyles and on spot lyrics over other artists beats such as Migos “Versace” and O.T. Genasis “Coco”. I asked Big Bone to describe his style of rap and he said that he really don’t have a paradox, but if he had to put a label on it he would have to say that his style is trap hip hop. Follwers of his music often compare him to the likes of Lil Wayne, because he doesn’t write down his lyrics, the way he expresses his music, and the type of beats he chooses.

Big Bone is currently on tour campaigning his new mixtape “Left Overs” within the southeast region. He has done shows all over and has opened up for some of the biggest mainstream artists such as Lil Boosie, Kevin Gates, Yo Gotti, Lil Wayne, DMX, Lil Kim, Bone Thugs N Harmony, Plies, Rick Ross, ASAP Rocky, and countless of other artists. “Next to Lil Wayne the biggest show I have opened up for was Lil Boosie July 4th. That particular show was at the Civic Center in Mobile, Alabama. That was around the time Lil Boosie got out [released from prison] and it was like fifty thousand people in the stands”. I asked Big Bone if he was nervous opening up for Lil Boosie with 50,000+ people watching him perform. “I had a little bit of nerves, but then the adrenaline channeled and it made me go hard. You can get nervous and choke, or channel your nerves and go hard”. With over ten projects under his belt, Big Bone told me that he feel that the last three projects “No Name”, “These Are My Thoughts”, and currently “Left Overs” are his most successful mixtapes.


Big Bone is not only known as an uprising rapper, he is also known to be in the business of custom dentistry jewelry better know as grillz or fronts. On top of making people teeth glisten with gold and diamonds, Big Bone work closely with the infamous King of Grillz Johnny Dang aka TV Johnny. ” I started out doing grillz in high school and now I am to the point where I am very successful. I have my own dentist and things of that nature”. Big Bone has done custom grillz for athletes such as starters from Ohio State and FSU, Quarterback for Auburn,he did molds for ASAP and HoodRich Ent Dj Lil Keem who hosted his current mixtape.


How did you coined the name Big Bone? “ I went through five names before taking it serious. My dad gave me the name Big Bone. When he said Big Bone it just flowed and stuck with me”. Initially I thought he coined the name after Bone Thugs N Harmony, in which he later broke it down and explained that it was the name given to him by his father. When it comes to outsourcing his music, Big Bone takes advantage of various social media and music sites such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, WorldStar Hip Hop, iTunes, Datpiff, LiveMixtape, Google Play….pretty much all those platforms.

Big Bone would like to infuse his rap lyrics with Country, Dubstep, Rock and other genres. “Country music is the number one genre in America, and I would like to work on a track with a country artist”. In the next few years Big Bone see himself being an established artist moving up in the ranks. In the next year he planning to  have his own dental office for custom dental jewelry set up locally in Pensacola, Florida.

There was so much to talk about this artists beginnings and where he is now with his music. Here are some of the Q&As from the interview.

Rena Marie: What were some of the challenging aspects in your rap career?

Big Bone: Getting people to listen to my music. Trying to appeal to people so that they can listen to my music as much as their favorite rapper. Trying to be different so that people would gravitate to me. Why should people not listen to their favorite Rapper like Young Thug or Birdman just to listen to my music?

Rena Marie: What works well for you when it comes to grabbing the attention of an audience?

Big Bone: Being myself and staying in my own lane. Being diverse and making music that people can relate to. Making trap music is not necessarily for drug dealers, but trap music has become a genre now.

Rena Marie: Are you signed to a label?

Big Bone: I am signed with Stop Snitching Ent which is an independent label.

Rena Marie: Any mainstream artist that you would like to collaborate with?

Big Bone: I would work with anybody, but I would like to work with Lil Wayne, Kevin Gates, really I would like to work with anyone of the Rock and Country genre.

Rena Marie: On one of your videos I saw a flag draped over a mic. What is your nationality? My father is Puerto Rican and my mother is black. I am half Puerto Rican and half Black.

Listening to Big Bone’s music has the hip hop substance stamped with trap music beats and lyrics. Truly he is an artist that no one want to sleep on because he is creeping on a come up. Big Bone just live life to the fullest as if today was his last day on earth. He is looking forward to reaping the rewards of his hard work.


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To listen to his new mixtape “Left Overs” click on the link to download.