With recent waves of video postings of young blacks fighting, cussing, and disrespecting each other makes me think “Do black lives matter in the black community?”…. How can we as a people have other people see us more than savages plaguing the streets with poison and violence, and scheming for free funds from the government when in fact the majority is doing so. Everyday on my Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook news feed I see chaotic videos of black women twerking and showing their backsides for likes, black women and men showcasing flying fists in public establishments, and other coonery acts.

How can we say black lives matter when people rather stand around and record these vicious acts while yelling “WORLDSTAR”, leaving the victim in harm’s way. How can we expect other people respect black people as a whole when the majority of blacks kill each other over dumb shit everyday.

Black lives will not matter until Blacks value human life. Black lives will not matter util Blacks know that we are more than our curves, fists, and guns. We have fallen short of being Kings and Queens that we have labeled our race. We indeed have become inferior to our own value…All lives matter!