Tarece Lamark Cooks is charged with the Monday night shooting death of 20 years old Dunta “Dee” Barber of Greenville, SC.

A Facebook post Cooks made led to his arrest Tuesday afternoon.  According to the Greenville Sheriff’s Office and WYFF News 4, a screenshot of the post was sent to News 4 and verified by the Sheriff’s Office.  Cooks bragged about the events that took place. In the post Cooks even was a bit apologetic to the mother of the victim’s son and loved ones.

According to news outlets, dispatchers said deputies responded to reports of gunshots around 6:30 p.m. at Boulder Creek Apartments.  Witnesses stated that Cooks and Barber knew of each other, and on Monday night there was a fight between the two that led to Cooks firing a handgun. Barber was struck once and died at Greenville Memorial Hospital approximately 40 minutes after the fatal shot.

Cooks Facebook comments pointed the investigators in his direction to make the arrest. Tarece Cooks was taken into custody and is held at the Greenville County Detention Center. The judge ordered Cooks to be held without bond. Family members said that Barber leaves behind four children.

Facebook post created by Tarece Lamark Cooks that led to his arrest for the murder of Dunta Barber.

Rena Marie’s Rant on “Black Lives Matter”

Today while on lunch break with my co-workers the events of the shooting death of Dunta Barber was the topic of discussion. As we talked, I started thinking about all the things that are happening in the black community. Lately I have found myself listening to the Honorable Minister Louis Farrahkan speeches and interviews. With the rash of cases of police brutality towards the youth (especially our black boys and men) in the black community, the popular hashtag slogan “Black Lives Matter” became a household quote.

As I keep listening to Minister Farrahkan and Internet talk show sensation and motivational speaker Tommy Sotomayor, I started to really think about this “Black Lives Matter Movement”. A couple nights ago I had an epiphany and I had to get some things off of my chest. Since the last incident in Texas where a 14 years old black girl was tussled to the ground by a white police officer. My initial thought was “Why did that cop do that” and “he is a racist pig”. After viewing the full video I cannot place 100% of the blame on the officer. The young black girl did not follow the officers instructions to walk across the street. Instead she “Popped off at the mouth” and disrespected the officer. The young lady could have avoid all confrontation by simply complying to the officer’s instructions. Instead she wanted to show how big and bad she can be in front of her friends. So now here we go again with the saying “Black Lives Matter”.

If black lives matter so much to the people of the black community, then how come we have more black deaths caused by the hands of  black people. Does “Black Lives Matter” when a black man walks up to his black brother and shoots him down in the streets without a care in the world? Does “Black Lives Matter” when a mother can kill her own kids and locked their bodies away in a freezer for two years? Does “Black Lives Matter” when there are all out brawls in public establishments and people rather record the incident while yelling “WORLD STAR”? Does “Black Lives Matter” when black women degrade themselves just to make a quick buck?  Does “Black Lives Matter” when our black brothers and black sisters sell poison in our community that is slowly phasing us out? With all of this black on black crime can you honestly believe that black people themselves feel that black lives matter. There are three times fold more black on black crimes and deaths compared to the here and there flare ups of police brutality.

This event that happened in Greenville and all other cities across the world are proof that apparently black lives do not matter in the black community.  First we need to adapt to claim All Lives Matter. In order to end the atrocities that are always occurring, we need to take a stand against injustice no matter the skin color. We all have been created equal by God, but we are the ones labeling each other as inferior, white supremacists, niggers, crackers, and so forth. For black lives to matter among black people, we need to start by fighting against the injustice in our own backyard.

I pray for the families of Barber and Cooks because both lost a son, a brother, an uncle, a cousin, and a father.

Source of information: Greenville County Sheriff’s Office and WYFF News 4.