According to various media outlets, a mass shooting took place Wednesday evening June 17th, 2015 at Emanuel A.M.E Church during bible study.  Alleged suspect  Dylan Storm Roof ( a white man in his early 20s) entered Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, South Carolina shooting and killing 9 people. There was a manhunt for Roof that ended in Shelby, North Carolina where he has been apprehended. After the shooting worshippers prayed for the slain victims and families. Emanuel AME Church  is the oldest African Methodist Episcopal church in the South. South Carolina is home to 19 known hate groups such as KKK, SkinHeads, HammerHeads, Advancement of the Anglo-Celtics, and so forth according to the Southern Poverty Law Center.  Who knows what was the motive behind this young man’s plan to go into a predominately black church and fire rounds fatally killing 9 people. Was this racially invoked? Was this a disturbed individual without any motives or cause? I can’t say that this was alone was racially motivated (which in the south there are a lot of “HATE CRIMES”) until Dylan Roof has been thoroughly interrogated. I do feel that this is an act of terrorism whether it was racially provoked or economically stimulated. The Honorable Minister Louis Farrahkan put it at it’s best as the working of the government to tear down the minority (blacks, hispanics, native americans, poor whites, and so forth) to complete their agenda. What is the root of their agenda?…..Money, Power, Self loathing.

My hometown is merely an hour away from Charleston and I can recall in the 1990s when a church was set on fire by members of KKK. That year former POTUS Bill Clinton came to talk to the community and helped rebuild the church. This is many of the senseless killings and for something like this to happen in a place of worship where people come for peace, love, and understanding. May God be with the families of the victims during this time of turmoil.