The hard streets of Los Angeles made her a Diamond in the rough, but the late Eric “Eazy E” Wright polished her into a fine gem of perpetual brilliance. Diamond is a member of the late Eazy E’s female gangster rap group called Ganksta Bytch Mentality or GBM. During the interview I had with Diamond she shared with me her truths, her life, her dreams, her aspirations, and inspirations. Unlike a handful of females in the industry Diamond used her street credits and hood mentality to propel into her success as a female MC, actress, stunt woman, an all around business hustler. In this article you will learn about the woman who worked close and was taught by the creator and master mind behind the group NWA and Ruthless Records.

Eazy E and Jerry Heller

With the father of Gangster Rap Eazy E being one of her mentors and the CEO of Ruthless Records she carried the torch after his passing and helped to keep the “West Coast Sound” alive. “I just want Eric to be known for his Greatness. I don’t want to talk about whether or not if he had full blown AIDS. We don’t know the actual cause of his death because it all happened so fast.   He is gone and the media and others already assumed and exploited that he had HIV. They didn’t have to do that because nobody really know what happened and he is dead and can’t speak for himself. I want people to know how smart he was and that he has done a lot for people. Dre and Cube did a great job paying homage to Eazy E in the movie Straight Outta Compton, the God Father of Gangsta Rap. This movie bought back the sound to the world, and taught people who was the one that created a movement that spread worldwide”. Diamond is definitely like straight Hennessy with no chaser. That was the first thing she wanted the world to know. “All the AIDS hype surrounding his death is unbelievable He is no longer here to speak for himself, but his work and his people will always be here to present his hard work and dedication to music, family, and creating wealth and success. I remember when Eazy E did a photo shoot for his album cover and we (GBM) did a photo shoot as well in his backyard in Norwalk. We posted up by the grass and brick walls with guns 9mm. Eric had a collection of guns and he had bazookas, he was a marksman, a real sharp shooter”.

Diamond’s beginning started when she used to be a break dancer years ago before meeting Eazy E. “It was years ago when I started rapping. I was a break dancer and I used to be out in the streets gang banging. I ran into my home girl MC Trouble who is also resting in peace, she was like “Diamond you need to start rapping”. I started hanging with MC Trouble and I got to rapping, and eventually I met up with my home girl Peaches who now goes by the name Sylk E Fyne (also a member of GBM) and we started rapping. I used to break dance doing windmills, head spins, and all that crazy shit. I had broken my leg doing all that shit….That’s why they called it break dancing because you will break your shit”.

GBM Diamond and Sylk E Fyne
 GBM Diamond and Sylk E Fyne

In the early 1990s Diamond decided to make rapping a career. She used to be a B-Girl and Hip Hop became a style in LA. “Everybody just started rapping and it was becoming a trend to where everybody was rap battling each other. I used to go The Good Life Health Foods in Crenshaw for open mic night. Freestyle fellowship, Mack 10, Mortisha, NME, Kurupt,  along with myself and other crews would just battle each other. Rapping was a place for me to express myself, it was a scapegoat for me not to stress out about life. It was a way for me not to get caught up in the crossfire in the streets. There were so much fatalities, gang banging, and killing out here. There have been times the homies wanted me to drive the get away car, or watch a bank during a robbery. Battle rapping was my way of not getting caught up in doing drive-bys, gang banging, and robbing banks. It was really bad out here in the streets of LA…..There was a lot of gang banging. It got to the point that we started peace treaties and I used to be cool with the nation of Islam to stop the violence. We tried to stop it, but the police kept promoting the gang banging. If you was a Crip the police would pick you up and drop you off into a hood dominated by Bloods, so that they could kill you or beat the shit out of you. We were not the only gang bangers, the police were gang bangers too”. At this point Diamond told me about how the police snatched up her up off the streets and took her to the police dispensary. She told me how they “kicked her ass” asking her to snitch on her peoples and showing her photos….“They were trying to scare me to snitch on the homies. Like I said I was gangster, I was out in the streets living that life, but I didn’t thought that the police would snatch my ass up trying to get me to snitch. The police did not like the Crips or Bloods, we were their worst enemy. I guess we were like the KKK to their ass. Just to be affiliated to gangs as a female and I got caught up in all of that. Rapping became my savior from the streets”.

GBM and Benzino

Diamond started recording when she was sent to the east coast to Boston. “I was rapping at The Good Life for years and then the homies sent me to meet up with the Homie Ray Benzino in Boston”. Ray Benzino who now goes by the name Benzino was the Co Owner and Chief of Operations for The Source Magazine and reality TV star on Love and Hip Hop Atlanta, Benzino set up recording sessions for Diamond. “While on the east coast I was out clubbing and I met up with Treach from the group Naughty By Nature. Before Treach’s hit song O.P.P with Naughty By Nature was penned and recorded, Diamond and Treach were dating. “I was Treach’s girlfriend. He was my first Hip Hop boyfriend. I used to go to his room (hotel room) everyday to be with him. Queen Latifah would come up there like “What’s up with y’all in here with these braids in your hair? I told her there are dookie braids what’s up? Queen would clown some more like Why y’all be wearing bomber jackets in LA and it’s not even cold?” Diamond laughed at the memory. “I broke up with Treach when I heard O.P.P. (Other People Pussy/Penis/Property) because I didn’t like that shit. I haven’t seen Treach in years, but he was fine back then”.

Gangsta Bitch Mentality
Ganksta Bytch Mentality

Eazy E formed and founded the only female gangster rap Queens called Ganksta Bytch Mentality. The members included Diamond, Sylk E Fyne, Chan Loc, and T-Ski in which they were signed to Eazy E’s label Ruthless Records. Eazy E wasn’t just looking for a bunch of cute faces for the group. “I am a lyrical murderer and the others were hard on the mic. Eric wasn’t just looking for a cute faces and nice bodies. We have that gangster, street, hood bitch mentality. People thought we were being degraded for being called a bitch, but shit I was getting paid for being called a bitch. Eazy E made sure we were taken care of as long as we were putting in work. Shit Eazy would be like let’s go bitches and we be like here we come because we took the negative and flip that shit and made money. Eazy went to the bank and deposited $500,000 for G.B.M, girl I couldn’t believe there was a fucking half of a million dollars in the bank for us, that was the kind of person Eric was. He made sure all of us on Ruthless was taken care of. Every time we record in the studio Eazy E would have a hundred dollars each. I just spoke Jerry a few days ago to argue and to get my money” chuckled Diamond “Jerry is a good person”. G.B.M recorded an album and after the sudden death of Eazy E the group eventually dissipated. “Eric had so much in store for us here at Ruthless. He had brilliant plans for us and they were sure ways to make money for the Ruthless family”.

Diamond and Kurupt
 Diamond and Kurupt

In honor of her mentor, boss, and friend Diamond and those who respected and followed Eazy E’s hustle used the tools he left behind to make money and maintain wealth. Diamond has had a hand in bringing many artists in the game such as Kurupt. Diamond was real cool with Dr. Dre and Suge Knight who signed Kurupt to Death Row Records. Kurupt paid homage to Diamond in his hit song “Do You Want to Ride with Us” by coining her as “The Home Girl Diamond” in his lyrics. Diamond also was the biggest promoter for the rap group that Eazy E discovered from Cleveland, Ohio Bone Thugs N Harmony. “I was out in the streets promoting Bone Thugs when no one heard of them. I was like y’all gotta check out these niggas Eazy E signed. They started getting a buzz and I was like shit now we gotta let these niggas get put on first, but I was like shit these niggas will bring money to the lable. Layzie Bone and I became a couple and lived together when they came to LA. Layzie Bone was my Boo. We are still cool today.”  IceGirl Diamond worked with top players in the industry, and has done features with the late Eazy E, Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Bone Thugs N Harmony, the late Tupac Shakur, Dogg Pound, Kurupt, Birdman, Glasses Malone, Jazzie Pha, Vee Tec, Daz Dilly, Noble, Bad Ass, Nipsey Hussle, Lil’ Wayne and many others.

 Tupac Shakur

Diamond kicked it with another rap legend gone before his time. Diamond took the time out to reflect on how she and the other ladies of GBM hung out with Tupac. “After the death of Eazy E we recorded a song with Tupac and The Outlaws called “Still Breathing”. Tupac pulled up to the studio in a Rolls Royce dressed in Versace. Pac was like “Y’all wanna get on this song with me and The Outlaws?” Shit you ain’t had to tell me twice, we ran up in that studio so fast. They had some writer in there, and we was like y’all ain’t got write shit.  We were on the original track and motherfuckers took us off the original version. This is how you can tell we were on the original track, Kadafi got killed after Tupac died, Tupac laid out the original track as Tupac Still Breathing featuring Kadafi, The Outlawz, and GBM to maintain the original song (the original song can be heard on the link above). After motherfucker started dying niggas started adding and removing vocals, just straight twisting shit up.That is the disadvantage of a dead rapper and that is having motherfuckers change your shit up. These people will change your story up, your style, your sound, and your swagger. At the end all you got is your goons to keep your originality alive. That’s why I will always scream Eazy E and Tupac. Tupac was going to take us to the places Eazy E wanted to take GBM, but he died. Motherfuckin’ Tupac was the second nigga that put us on and took notice of us as female gangsta rappers. Tupac was a hard worker and he also had a wild side. I remember when we used to fuck with him in the hotel. He would be real drunk, so me and Sylk we would go bang on his door yelling open the door. He had a white bitch in there and we threw a whole bucket of sand at his door. He woke up the next morning and he got mad and yelled out ” I’m gonna get you stupid fucking gangsta bitches” as she laughed reminiscing about Tupac.


Diamond is one of the original Queens of the West Coast, you can ask any artist about who really hustles to make it happen in LA and her name is always mentioned. Diamond is often recognized for her feature in The Source Magazine and from many roles she played including those on “The Parkers” and “Snoop Dizzle for Shizzle”, Now she is working on her own Reality TV Show called The Real LA Girls. The cast is consisted of her best of friends Stormy (have 2 kids with West Coast Music Business Mogul Suge Knight), Sylk E Fyne who is also a member of Eazy E’s female gangsta rap group GBM. After Ruthless, Sylk had a platinum single titled Romeo and Juliet.Others on the cast is Andrea Kelly who has a daughter with rapper Kurupt, IShow Off rap artist and CEO, Sinnay Blossom Motorcycle Female Club. This show will have women born and raised in LA and who lived the LA lifestyle, unlike what is being portrayed with some of these other reality TV shows. With the launch of her new company Crash Unit Entertainment (named for her work as a stunt woman), Diamond is truly showing the world that she is a hustler. Having a roster of new and undeniable talent, Diamond again will be the one responsible for bringing a sound to the world that will dominate the airwaves. We all will be introduced to this new sound in her debut release “Turned Up Mix CD Vol 1”. Some of the features include Kaos Rapstars, Drama Family, Lil’ Kim, Mortisha, Sylk E Fyne, Face-Off, Short Stop, NME, Rage, Big Chan, C-Dott, and Eastwood. The producers on this project includes some of the hottest in the game like Jellyroll, Overdose, Uneek Music, Erick Sermon, and Bosco. Diamond is also managing the boy group Next Up.

The cast for the upcoming reality TV show "The Real LA Girls"
The cast for the upcoming reality TV show “The Real LA Girls”

A self-made millionaire, Diamond is in motion directing videos, being stunt woman, a CEO, an artist, and a facilitator. “I am where I am today because of my skills as a lyrical murderer and a true hustler. I never sucked dick or fuck my way into the industry”. Diamond also have a college degree in Radio Broadcasting.

Be on the lookout for much more from IceGirl Diamond in the near future. She will be dropping a GBM:Ganksta Bytch Mentality Ruthless Records mixtape for Eazy E. Diamond will showcase her new eclectic sounds such as Electronica, Dance, House Music, and Dubstep. Diamond will be traveling around the world to places in China and and Europe with her new Rave sound. Diamond’s friend and business partner Sylk E Fyne is currently doing a new single with a hot new video coming soon. Diamond is also knocking out another mixtape with her other rap partner Mortisha titled Mixtape Tsunami, this mixtape will include some heavy hitting and dope female MCs to include Sylk E Fyne, Lady of Rage, Knee Hi, Pinky, and definitely looking for Nicki Minaj to join the ladies on the mixtape. Look for the book release “Inside The Window of Diamond” -Narrated by blogger Rena Marie. This book will be the true life story of a female  in the industry that made a lot of people millionaires in California.

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Diamond's new Reality TV Show
Diamond’s new Reality TV Show


-IceGirl Diamond

Ganksta Bytch Mentality
Ganksta Bytch Mentality