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Yesterday I showed my support for Paris and Kenya in the wake of the terror attacks. I learned a lesson in humanity 101. My profile picture on Facebook was changed to show love and support those who were affected by the horrendous attack in Paris by having Frances flag colors fade into my picture, and I shared a post of a picture of hands in contorted in the the shape of a heart draped in the Kenyan flag that notated “Prayers for Kenya”. You would not believe the backlash that people, more so black people attacked other blacks for changing our profile pictures in support for France when they were in the forefront for all the atrocities in black nations.

Of coursed I shared a post on Facebook showing my disgust:

What happened to pray and support innocent lives lost no matter the country that was affected or race? I am tired of seeing negative posts about why people changed their profile picture… If blacks really care about blacks then instead of buying the new Jordan’s, gaming system, rims, and other unnecessary shit and donate to put the black community in a better position. Until you negros decide to do that, stop telling people not to show love and support for other countries that are going through dire times. ‪#‎RantOver‬

What about the fact that black people are killing each other? What about blacks willing to kill each over the materialistic things? Black people are becoming the biggest oppressors. Look at the numbers….How many black people you know was murdered by cops, French people, and white people in general?……….Now think about how many black people you know murdered by a black person? We want everyone to pray for USA, pray for black people because we are the only innocent groups in the world. I pray for humanity no matter what because all races have oppressed another group or their very own. PS I don’t forget history, and I don’t hold that in my heart against innocent lives.
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I pray for all who are going through times that rough and tough. Why should I only pray for black people? Why should I only pray for USA? What happened to praying for humanity? God be with us all.