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Los Angeles, California Native Roadie Rose is the epitome of a street hustler, business man, trendsetter, and motivator. During the interview, I found myself in awe of how Roadie used his past to change his life from negative to positive. Music is more than dope beats and lyrics to the Roadie Rose….It is his path to illuminate the changed man he has become.

At the age of 8, Roadie Rose was interested in music, and started imitating Run DMC. Some of his lyrical influences growing up living in the Pueblo Projects were Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Eazy E, Tupac, Jay-Z, and Nas. Early in life Roadie was deemed to be like his father, who was a well-known drug dealer and member of Pueblo Bishops. As a member of the notorious Rolling 60s Crip Gang, Roadie Rose took part in criminal activity, more so in a new wave called “Flocking”. For some of us that don’t have a clue as to what flocking is, flocking is the act of engaging in the process of an organized burglary, mainly targeting wealthy neighborhoods. Roadie’s participation in the flocking culture afforded him the luxurious lifestyle, such as homes, fancy cars, and of course Rose Gold jewelry. Roadie Rose got his name coined from always been dipped in Rose Gold jewelry.

After doing time for the crimes committed, Roadie wanted to take his music seriously. Roadie wanted to use his gift of rap to make positive changes in his life and the lives of the younger generation. I asked Roadie why he decided to make rapping a career. “There was no way out. I wanted to be able to reach my highest heights. When I was in the state penitentiary I tapped into my higher self, and my higher self told me to rap. Music is the only way for people to know about me”.  With that being said Roadie also saw the opportunity to change the rules of flocking and made a positive movement with his music called Flocumentary.

Utilizing his vast and well notated reputation in the streets, Roadie steered his passion into his music. Tenaciously Roadie showed his younger contemporaries that they can deviate from a life of crime, this message was portrayed in his first independent mixtape “Meet the Flockers”. Roadie had some big names features on “Meet the Flockers”, such as French Montana, YG, Nipsey Hussle on a track called “All Birds”. I asked Roadie what was the story behind the titles of his first two mixtapes Meet the Flockers and Flocumentary, and he replied “I just wanted to paint the story behind why we did what we did (Flocking), and I wanted to bring to the attention to the people of LA to understand the culture I was bringing to them. I was one of the first in the flock culture. I had motherfuckers to ask me how I was going to rap about flocking, or how you are going to do this and how are you going to do that…I just wanted to prove everybody that there is success behind a culture, and behind the person there is always a story, and I just wanted to paint the picture that there is another way out besides doing what I did. I just wanted to tell the good side of the flock culture”.

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How does Roadie Rose feel about Rap/Hip Hop music today? “That’s a great question. If you are talking about the music that is on the radio, I feel like that shit is being controlled. I believe those that have music on the radio got talent, but they are saying the same shit over and over. Really they’re not saying anything. They give the same fucking message that another artist is giving”.

Are you independent and if so are looking to get signed? “I am independent….I’m good”. Are you under an independent label? “Naw I’m an owner….I am accepting applications though. If you are hot and you come in like a boss, you know, I am accepting applications”. What is the name of your label/company? “The name of my company is GTI ENT. I am the founder and owner. I have my own studio and I am accepting applications”.

Who are some artists that you have collaborated with? “I collaborated with a few artists in industry such as J Stone”. Any artists that you would like to work on a collabo with? “I would like to work with J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar”. Have you ever interacted with J. Cole and/or Kendrick Lamar? “Naw….I never been around J. Cole and I know people who knows Kendrick Lamar, but I haven’t meet cuz yet. I like Kendrick Lamar because he got something for the people in the streets; he got a message for the people during hellish times. I haven’t meet cuz yet”. Are you working on any other projects? “I got a few joint projects with other artists that are poppin’ right now. Got two other artists on the joint projects and we are doing 6 songs a piece”. Are these same artists on your upcoming album changed man? “No, but Nipsey Hussle will be one of the big name artist on Changed Man, but the rest I will keep a secret for the album release in 2016, but there will be other big names on the album”.

How did you and Nipsey Hussle cross paths? “Nipsey and I grew up in the same neighborhood. We grew up in the Crenshaw District. We started attacking this rap shit; he started first and got on the radio. I was just learning how to rap and do stuff”.  Are you and Nipsey Hussle working on any future projects? “Naw not me and Nip, when we do that shit will be crazy though”.

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With his album Changed Man in the works, Roadie Rose want to take part in other ventures, such as providing a programs for kids from the neighborhoods to keep them from doing the things he did, and to teach them all types of things. He want to focus more on his music and his brand.

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Roadie Rose wants to send shout outs to all independent artists out there on their grind, all the artists that he has worked with, LA Crenshaw District, Diamond, Rena Marie, everybody who supports his movement.

Roadie Rose’s last words that concluded the interview was “I love y’all’.