Many of us have partaken in the consumption of food and spirits in the observance of Thanksgiving Day. We all heard the story of how Christopher Columbus sailed across the seas to discover new land to claim. Pilgrims landed on Plymouth Rock to make nice gestures to the natives of the land, and offer a dinner as a huge celebration for thankfulness, peace, and love….Well that is all bullshit! The natives of this land were tortured, kidnapped; raped, killed….basically an entire race was almost wiped out, by Christopher Columbus and other cold hearted and greedy takers like him. This land of the free that we call America was already and discovered by the natives of this land. To add salt to injury today many of natives remain banished from the land that was once beautiful and cultivated by a race of people who took pride in their heritage and culture. They were placed on reservations as if they are some animals only good enough to preserve in small areas of this country. I don’t blame them for never wanting to be a part of a culture that exiled them from what was once their free land to roam and live. My maternal grandfather was part Native American and even though he didn’t have the time to share or maybe not even get to know that side of his bloodline, I feel that the whole cult propaganda surrounding what was supposed to be a day of brother and sisterhood among mankind, was placed to brainwash us so that we will forget what really took place during the European Pilgrimage.


The video above disrupts the lies that were imbrued into the fabric of this nation with bloody hands. I agree with their present frustrations regarding this pagan/cult holiday, so many of us are dumb to the truth. As an African American woman I understand what they feel, what they are going through to make sure that people will never forget how the land they loved was brutally and maliciously taken.  So today I Rena Marie will say a prayer and meditate to thank the natives who lost their lives to fight for their land, their heritage, their lineage…..Today with this article I hope and pray that people will be educated on the miseducation that was taught to us for generations. So to the natives out there, who are still fighting the struggle, I wish you God’s speed and I will never forget….I WILL NOT FORGET!

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