What do you get when you combine hot lyrics over a beat that is created from the sound of a pen and hand combos on a table? You will get the hottest hip hop artist to have videos of his raw raps and cadences performed from his porch. Alpoko Don broke all barriers and beyond when his home rap videos went viral, astoundingly catapulting him into being one of the biggest internet sensations. Songs that went viral such as “Sittin’ Sideways”, “Married to Da Game”, and “Song To God (My Life)” put us back in time where hip hop was cultivated on the stoops in New York and on the porches of South Carolina.

Alpoko Don’s journey started 5 or 6 years ago when he first realized that he can make hot songs with the use of a pen and a table. It was love at first sound when he had fallen for his rhythmatic beat boxing and creative pen and hand-to-table beats. Alpoko Don has that old soul and gritty street style in his music. His hip hop influences were ScarFace, Eazy E, Eminem, and rappers today like Kendrick Lamar. He listens to artists that have realness in their music.

The Interview with Alpoko Don


When did you realize your videos that went vial changed your life? “Man it still feel like I am dreaming. I know that it changed my life, but it’s just crazy”. When I first heard of Alpoko Don, he was known by the name Don Dada. Alpoko changed his name due to a record store that has the copyright to the name Don Dada, so he took his mom’s idea he changed his name to what we know now as Alpoko Don. He went on to explain that his mother said that back in the day people used to smoke Alpoko Gold and Alpoko Red.

How do you feel about the state of hip hop music today? “It’s more watered down. It’s like a lot people just put songs together just to get an album done, they don’t put heart into their music no more. When I make my music it’s like watching a movie. You gonna see me in my music, I still got guts in my pen”.

Being a native of Greenville, South Carolina, Do you get love and support from home front? “Yeah, they are showing love. I will put it like this, I love my city. Whether or not they show me love, I love them regardless”. What will it take for South Carolina to have a big movement like Atlanta or Texas? “A lot of work man. A lot of work needs to be done. Atlanta put in a lot of work.   I am the forefront in Greenville. I’m the man coming out of Greenville, but I can’t do this by myself….I will always do work to put on for my city”.

Are you signed to a label? “No, I am independent”. Are you looking to get signed? “If they trying to come at me like they family. I ain’t just trying to be somebody’s artist. I am America’s most wanted”. Were you involved in a situation with Young Jeezy? “Naw…It wasn’t nothing like that. It was something mild, it was nothing like that”.

Alpoko has an upcoming album titled “Back on The Porch” that will be released on Black Friday November 27th, 2015. We can expect some raw music that will educate, tell about his pain, guts, blood, sweat, and tears. “This album will be like a big movie. This album is all of me. I don’t want people riding down the street listening to a bad story; I want them to listen to a real story. I am not into popping bottles and shit like that. This will be one of the best albums in 2015. If you are about that real shit, then you will love this album….this is about that real life”.

I remember some time back that you were voicing frustrations about people not supporting your last album because it didn’t have beats, will this album have any beats? “This album will have beats on it; and some acapella, I got some blues, raw rap, country and reggae”. Can we expect any collaboration on this upcoming album? “No this album is all me. I dropped a track with Juicy J and another track with Scarface. Now I have my own Pandora station that is jumpin”.

Alpoko Don sought after other ventures, such as his clothing line Hustle Avenue. You can find his clothing line at www.hustleavenue.com. Alpoko expect that this album will push him into the position that will eventually put him on the the big screen. “I know that I am doing good now, but I want to do better. I want to be around cameras…There’s no money like show money. I want to make movies to make sure my family eat. I don’t want to shop at Bi-Lo anymore, I want to shop at Sam’s” as he laughed. “Man Boosie and Christina Milian wears clothes from my Hustle Avenue clothing line”.

Are you doing any touring? “No tours yet, but I have some touring engagements to be book in France and Turkey”. To get more information on upcoming tour dates and shows, follow Alpoko Don on the following social media sites:

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Any last words to conclude this interview? “Put it in this blog that I sure do love my daughter Chadricka. Yeah that’s my boo boo. I also want to send shout out to my mama, brother, sisters, my beautiful family Keisha and the kids, Shout out to France, Turkey, the UK, Man shout out to the world….Stay prayed up with all that is going on. To all my fans I love y’all”.


Alpoko Don later on reported on Facebook that his album has been pushed back. Keep following Alpoko Don on the following sites above to get the latest information on the release of his anticipated album “Back on the Porch”.