Eric Cunningham better known as “iShowoff”, was born and raised in the streets of Los Angeles, California. Eric and his identical twin brother Rich Rick were raised by their mother, while their father spent 22 years in prison.  The struggles of the poverty-stricken urban neighborhood drove Eric and his twin brother Rich Rick to make a better way through any means necessary. By the age of 15, Eric rose from rags to riches, living the high life splurging on luxury cars and gaudy jewelry, it was during this time he coined the name “iShowOff”.

iShowOff became an easy target for the police and eventually his criminal activites landed him in prison. Not wanting to go down the same road as his father, iShowOff took the advice of his Grandmother and started grinding hard on his music. With the expert tutor-ledge and guidance from a former New Edition member Ralph Tresvant earlier in life, IShowOff used the tools and the knowledge he gained from the streets and applied his ambition and hustler’s mentality to the studio.

Within a short few months of deciding to take music seriously, iShowOff has done songs with mainstream artists like E-40, collaborated with TeeFLii, Sean Kingston, Gorilla Zoe, YG, Ray J, Ty$ to name a few and has a surfeit  of songs he has done on his critically acclaimed mixtape “This Shh… Bangs” hosted by Power 106’s DJ Carisma and Young California.


 iShowOff is currently working on an album that is deemed to be the of the hottest albums to come out of the West Coast. Newly signed under former NBA player Baron Davis label “LA Unified” in conjunction with a label that him and his brother own call “Major Artist Music Group”. The album is slated to drop in the first quarter of 2016(January or February), with his single “I Got It” to drop this month to introduce us to his upcoming album.

This album will not have any features, “I deny all features because I want people to know that I can make music on my own two feet. I want to do this shit alone, I don’t want any features. I am not a rapper, what I say in my music is real. I live what I say in my music. A lot of artists out there just rapping shit because it sounds good. When you hear my music just know that I really been through that. I have been shot, I went to prison, I’ve been through it all and held my own ground. I stayed true to what I was doing. So I am here, I got my own money, I’m living good. I am real….I am not fake and that is what separates me from a lot of people”.


IShowOff can be seen on one of the most infamous reality TV shows “Love and Hip Hop Hollywood” and is a cast member of an upcoming reality show call “The Real LA Girls” created by IceGirl Diamond a former member of Ganksta Bytch Mentality (discovered by legend Eazy-E and signed under Ruthless Records).


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