Sometimes we can look at people in the show and/or music biz and assume that they are obnoxious people. Often times we don’t know the character of a person until we talk to them about their passion, their life, their struggles, their pain…..their reality. I was graced with the opportunity to talk to the actor, who will portray Tupac Shakur (One of the greatest Hip Hop artists of all time) in the Daz Dillenger’s movie DPG 4 Life. Dwayne Campbell aka D. Cam is a very humble man with goals, and he has the ambitions to help him reach those goals. Even though he is using art to imitate a glimpse of the life of Tupac, D.Cam experienced some of the same hardships that the famed rapper encountered in his life. It brings me much pleasure to share with you the young man that has many facets of talent…..Mr. Dwayne “D. Cam” Campbell.

Humble Beginnings in the Music Industry


At the age of 18 Dwayne was signed to his first record deal to Jaded Entertainment, which was a new independent record label under Sony. At that time young Day Day Cam was a member of a skateboard rap group called Board Bangers. The group came out with hit dance tracks such as “Lose It” and “Cause the Beat’s Hot”. Their music reached mass outlets such as various radio stations, BET, 106 & Park, and MTV.” target=”_blank”>” target=”_blank”>

As a kid Campbell was told that he had uncanny facial similarities of the late Tupac Shakur. D. Cam never think much of anything about resembling the high profile rapper, but never thought that he would one day re-live parts of his life on film. “One day for Halloween I dressed as Tupac, and as I walked through downtown LA people starting forming a line to take pictures with me.”
Growing up D. Cam was raised under strict rules. “When my mom went to jail I had to move in with my grandmother. When I got to my grandmother’s house she took all of my Tupac CDs, posters, and other memorabilia away from me. As a kid it felt like my dreams were crushed because my mother went to jail, and as a young kid to have my mom gone….I cried….and then my things of Tupac being taken away made it harder because I loved Tupac, I loved how he reached out to black people, I loved  his energy. I am not bitter or mad about it now, because I understood why she did it at the time. My father and mother were members of two different notorious gangs in Long Beach. Since I grew up in a strict home I never relished in the gang life. I would say that I was looked after and no one ever bothered me because of my parents affiliation with the gangs. I knew that when the street lights come on, that it is time for me to be in the house, usually that is when all the shooting take place….I am blessed to never joining a gang”.

Taking the Role of Tupac Shakur: DPG 4 Life

On the path of seeking personal growth after losing his record deal, loss of friends and fans; D. Cam saw fit to use his popularity to help kids make better choices in life. On his journey to pursue his dreams of becoming an actor and hip hop artist, there were plenty of days that Dwayne would take time to study and analyze the music and lifestyle of Tupac.  D realized that his dreams were coming to reality when he got the call back for the role of Tupac Shakur in Dogg Pound 4 Life ( in which people  are calling it the sequel to Straight Out of Compton). “It was God….He brought me from where I was then, to what I am achieving today”.” target=”_blank”>

Upcoming Projects

D. Cam is currently working on other projects such as other movies, his music, and his community service project working with kids to keep them off the streets. D. Cam has two skateboarding parks for kids to pick up a skateboard instead of picking up guns. He can be seen on campaign ads for the Cross Colours clothing brand, released a mixtape called Press-Telegram, and currently he is the executive producer on  Day1zOnly Mixtape.


Mr. Campbell definitely personifies how hard work and sacrifice pays off. With much success bringing him closer to making his dreams complete, he gave God the glory for what he is blessed with. Dwayne knew that his upbringing was a blessing, being reared on structures that was not of violence is the reason why he have not gang banged or worse end up dead. His charitable spirit made sure kids that lives in gang saturated neighborhoods has a place for them to take lessons skating. Being the catalyst to ensure that kids are afforded the same opportunity to achieve their dreams, Dwayne knew that he needed to be one of the major leaders in the community to make it happen. It gave me great pleasure to know that there are people who are not self righteous, and takes time to mentor others to be successful as well. Be sure to catch Dwayne Campbell at the following social media sites to get the latest on his endeavors.


Facebook: Dwayne Day Day Campbell