This young man that I had the opportunity to interview is very extraordinary. When I called him he was all smiles and his voice was upbeat. Of course he made me laugh because he was going to play a trick on me, and he gave details of how he would have done it. Needless to say this person has a heart of gold. Here is getting to know comedian, actor, writer, and producer Mr. Melvin Jackson Jr.

Hailing from Washington D.C. Melvin Jackson Jr. got acquainted with the entertainment industry managing music artists at the age of 18. After getting his feet wet in artist management, comedy and acting became a part of his life. One of Melvin’s very first acting role was on America’s Most Wanted…..Before anyone start thinking that MJ was a killer or stalker, he did the reenactments of a crime story on the show. Later on Melvin landed the role as Bernard the cellphone hustler on HBO’s series 3rd season “The Wire”, followed by nabbing the role of the bully on CW’s award winning sitcom “Everybody Hates Chris”. “People recognized my role on the wire and took it a little too seriously. I had to tell people that Bernard was only a role. Bernard was a little hard headed and caused everybody to get locked up, and a lot of people was not pleased with my character…lol”.

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About 3 or 4 years ago Melvin dived into doing stand up comedy. Melvin recalled doing his first stand up comedy set. There were times before going on stage that he wanted to walk out, but he chucked up his fears and gave the audience nine minutes of raw comedy about his life experiences. “That night definitely was my start and I learned to just have fun doing comedy”. Some of his influences in the entertainment industry are Eddie Murphy, Denzel Washington, Will Smith, Tom Cruise, Samuel L. Jackson, and the list goes on. “I looked at these people who are veterans in the industry and learned from them and incorporated myself into what I do. I never acted before and learning from them were basically my classes”.

Melvin Jackson Jr. was to cast to play national recording artist Kurupt in Daz Dillinger’s upcoming movie “Dogg Pound 4 Life”. “I want to portray Kurupt as a person first, then the rapper. A lot of people don’t know the kind of person he is, of course everyone knows him as a rapper and actor. I want to be able to capture and sell to the people who Kurupt is as a person”. He recollect the time he met Kurupt at a party of comedian Kevin Hart’s and Melvin jokingly told him that people say that they look alike, Kurupt replied “That’s a good thing”. “I try to soak in everything that I could learn from Kurupt to pour into the role. I want to make sure I embody everything he was telling and showing me about his life at the time”.

Melvin also went by the alias J. Reed whenever he showed off his rap skills. Now and then he would dabble in the studio with the artists he managed. He coined the name after the character J. Reed (Omar Epps) from the movie “In Too Deep”. Since he is taking  on the role of a world known rapper, he had to use his skills to pull off the likeness of Kurput’s persona.

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Melvin Jackson Jr, now resides in Los Angeles, Ca with his wife actress Kelly Jenrette (KMart Kelly and hit sitcom Grandfathered as Annelise with actor John Stamos), and three sons ages 17, 12, 8. Melvin Jackson Jr. and has taken the industry by storm. He always finds ways to recreate himself and he did just that when he starting doing stand up comedy. He has not only made a name for himself in film and television but now he is making a name for himself on comedy stages all over. Melvin also has starred in films like “Five K One” alongside Clifton Powell and co-starred in Disney’s “Step Up” with Channing Tatum. He is also writing and producing film and TV projects. He has wrote and is pitching a cop drama TV series “Internal Affairs”


Melvin Jackson is humble and proactively gives his time to encourage others during their time of need. As a Christian Man, Melvin will pray with you, and this I can personally vouch for. When my dad passed away he was there to talk to me and let me know that he is praying for me, and that if I need someone to pray with that he is always there. Melvin let me know about how many times (15 times to be exact) he auditioned for a part on “The Wire”. With the spirit of never giving up on his dreams, he was able to land the roles. “You have to take things into your own hands and say I am going to get this part”.

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