Excuse me, but why go all out for the one you love only 1 day out of the entire year? I used to go crazy over Valentine’s Day too (by the way you are celebrating a day of massacre), but as I grow up and start learning, I realized like most of these holidays, V-day is just another day for people to capitalize off of your hard earn money. If your friends and family don’t show you that same amount of love on any other day…then why set yourself up for the okie doke. Me personally, I don’t need a one day gratification….give me your love everyday and show it unconditionally…..not because a salesman from ancient time said this is the day for love…smh!This is a day basically for people to show off their once in a year materialistic gifts, and usually these things are given only to get sexual gratification. I guarantee I will see so many post tomorrow about how the person is a low down dog, or that is not my woman/man. Yet money is thrown to waste because society said to buy all these things that you will regret giving away in the first place. Nothing is wrong with sharing a gift, but don’t do it for a show (again this is what this day is about showing off materialistic things that don’t hold nor appreciate value). Anyway carry on! Oh and Happy Valentine’s Day to those who celebrate yet another pagan holiday.