Birddie Goonatic is no stranger to music and the business. His early influences were his brother Anthony and his cousin Andre, who started LiquorHouse ENT a Greenville, SC based independent record label. They produced a music video on BET Uncut called “Carolina Throwed Up”.

At the age of 8, Birddie was already putting together rhymes. I asked Birddie how he came up with his name and he stated “I always tell people I ate a lot of chicken, notice the past tense, I said, ATE, a lot of chicken”.

Birddie is known as the plug when it come to bringing big name artists to Greenville, SC. Birddie collaborated with Young Dolph on one of his hood bangers call “Servin”, produced by Metro Boomin, and with Bloody Jay on a track called “Numbers”.  Birddie has an upcoming music video shoot for his latest single “Circus” featuring Kevin Gates, produced by DJ Spinz, at Club Cream in Greenville, SC.

Birddie takes notice of the massive talent that we have here in South Carolina. “We have so much talent in South Carolina. We can be as big as Atlanta and Texas. I listen to a lot of other independent artists from here, even when they don’t support me. I like and support good music. We have so much talent in South Carolina because we listen to a lot of music from different areas, we listen to music from down south, New York, West Coast…that makes us versatile with our music”.

As being one of the first artist to bring a big name artist with a huge following such as Kevin Gates to collaborate for a music video shoot, Birddie feels as though he is getting the respect he deserves.Birddie Goonatic has a brand with his mixtapes coined as  Muscle Muzik under his label Goonatic Entertainment in which he worked with HoodRich, DJ Swamp Izzo, DJ Scream, Trap-A-Holics, Metro Boomin, and countless other DJs and artists.

Birddie wants it to be known that right now he is not signing any artists. “Right now I want to concentrate on building my brand. I invest in my music and if I bring in other artists I would want them to invest in themselves and work hard. Sometimes that is not the case and you can be blamed for things not done. Right now I am branding myself and investing into my music, because I can’t blame anyone for anything that goes wrong, I have myself to blame”.

I had the pleasure of listening to Birddie’s music and he gives a distinctive detail of the hood life in South Carolina. There is no doubt in my mind that everyone should go get a copy of his albums because he display the versatility to capture an audience whether they are on the West Coast, East Coast, Down South, Mid West, and so forth.


Birddie will have a music video shoot for his lastest single “Circus” with appearances from national recording rap artist Kevin Gates and after party hosted by comedian Kountry Wayne. If you want to be part of the first ever MTV video shoot featuring Kevin Gates and Kountry Wayne be sure to get your tickets by calling 916-512-7453. For booking info and appearances contact VIA phone 864-320-1405 or email For more music, show dates follow Birddie instagram @birddie01, Twitter @BirddieGoonatic, and Facebook Birddie Goonatic .


Birddie want to send shout outs to Hood Rich, DJ Scream, DJ Swamp Izzo, DJ G-Code, DJ Kurious George, DJ Hot Rod, DJ T-Hustle, DJ Tay, DJ Hot Rod ATL, JJ Solomon, Beat Banga, Mike Suber, Bloody Jay, Jerrod Beats, Trap-A-Holics, Kevin Gates, Young Dolph, DJ Countryfied, Mo Beatz, Rena Marie, Big P Tha God, and all the other DJs, artists, fans, family, and friends who have supported him and had faith in him.