I have tasted a lot of good and flavorful desserts. I have been to a few cake shops that displayed beautiful cakes, cookies, and pies. For my niece’s birthday we decided to take a two hour trip to try out this cake shop that a lot of people were raving about. I became a Facebook friend with the owner/baker, and I must admit the pictures of her delectable desserts had me salivating like wolf with hungry eyes on  it’s prey. So this is a not only a review, but an invitation for all who reads this to go and  get some of the best desserts that your tastes buds will ever receive.


 Mesha Wilson who is the owner, baker, dessert decorator, and food extraordinaire was very inviting from the first message on Facebook when I told her that we are on our way. Mesha Wilson is the mother of the late Hip Hop phenom Speaker Knockerz and rapidly rising Rap Artist Lil Knock. Mesha also affectionately known as Mama Knock has very gifted hands when it comes to serving people sweet smiles. Mesha is a Christian woman who is not afraid to acknowledge God for his many blessings in her life.

After a two hour drive to Columbia, South Carolina we arrived to Mesha’s Sinful Cakes. Soon as we walked in we were greeted by woman behind the counter that had the warmest smile that lit up the lobby. “Welcome to Mesha’s Sinful Cakes and More, How may I help you”, her welcoming was so inviting and genuine, we were very pleased with the customer service, and then we preceded to order a couple of desserts. My fiancee and I started with 2 Tuna Macaroni Salads, 2 Red Velvet Cheesecakes, 1 Banana Pudding Cheesecake, 1 slice of Red Velvet Cake, and 1 Chocolate Mousse Parfait. The Tuna Macaroni Salad was seasoned just right, all of the ingredients were in harmony with each other. I have never seen anyone attempt to put actual Red Velvet cake inside of a cheesecake before. I was in awe of it’s creamy and perfectly sweetened cream cheese filing, and the ever so perfectly moist morsels of Red Velvet cake in every bite. My niece Shayla had the look of heaven on her face after she took her initial bite of her Chocolate Mousse Parfait. She even exclaimed “OMG”! Soon we met  Mesha and she came out from the back as if she was not slaving over hot ovens and whipping things up with the use of heavy mixers. We held a conversation and we told her how excellent her desserts are. This lady is pure humble pie, and my niece and I took a picture with Ms. Mesha. After taking pictures with Mesha she let us know that is about to take some freshly made peach cobbler out of the oven. So of course we stayed so we could get a taste of the peach cobbler that we were enchanted by it’s aroma. Before getting our cobblers, Mesha came out with a sample of her tasty fried jumbo shrimps and her homemade potato chips. Desserts is not the only thing Ms. Mesha can throw down in the kitchen. I even invited a couple of friends to enjoy Ms. Mesha’s sinful treats. My family’s experience with Ms. Mesha and her staff are top notch. So if you are traveling or live in the Columbia, South Carolina area be sure to stop by Mesha’s Sinful Cakes and More, I promise you your tastes buds will thank you for it!

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Mesha also does themed cakes for baby showers, ceremonies, birthdays, engagement parties, and much more! Keep scrolling to contact Mesha today!

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The city is still waiting to see if Mesha will open a restaurant so we can get meals cooked like this below!

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Ms. Mesha Loves her Family, Friends, Staff, and Community!


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Follow Mesha on the following Social Media Sites: Twitter @mamaknock and Instagram @mamaknockerz

Be sure to stop by for smiling faces and delicious desserts, and tell her Rena Marie sent you!

                9003-13 Two Notch Road

                     Columbia, SC 29223