When you give your blood, sweat, and tears into making people feel beautiful you will retain longevity and happy clients. Ruby Washington did just that for 30 years as a beautician. Ruby will be celebrating three decades of service by having her very own hair/fashion show “Rip The Runway Part II- Review of Styles from the 70s to the Millennium” on August 20, 2016 at the Hilton Hotel Greenville. First let me introduce you to the lady who started it all.

Ruby moved to upstate South Carolina in 1984 after leaving Benedict and Sumter Tech. She started working odd jobs. As these jobs were getting restless, Ruby spoke with her mom who told her that she has a gift when it comes to doing hair. With her mother’s words in mind and odd jobs becoming dead ends, Ruby enrolled into Chris Logan Beauty College in 1984. After receiving her credentials as a master hair care specialist in 1986 Ruby started working under Mary Brazil in Seneca, SC for one year. Ruby learned the latest styling techniques and the business aspect of running a salon. Soon after Ruby decided that she want to open her own salon.

At first Ruby couldn’t find a place right away, she heard about a lady in Clemson, SC that owned a salon next to a barbershop and she worked there in 1987. Mr. Martin owned the barbershop next to the salon and he played a very significant part that contributed to Ruby’s 30 years of styling heads. As she was making connections with different people, she met with a contractor from Clemson University whom at the time was doing a lot of developing in the area. With the help from the contractor and a building inspector, Ruby moved into her first salon. Using $500 from a credit card Ruby started her salon with two dryers and gently used furniture.


After six months of running the salon a young woman by the name of Gretta became her first stylist to rent a booth. Not long after Gretta joining Ruby in the salon others were inquiring to rent a booth, and the salon grew with four stylist. To bring in more revenue Ruby hooked up with Mr. Peek Beauty Supply  to start retailing products. In four years the overhead was becoming a bit over whelming and she decided to move onto the main strip in Clemson. In 1992 Ruby opened a salon on the main strip and the money was coming in great and her team expanded to six stylists.

As good as things were in the salon, Ruby’s personal life was interfering and bought on lot of chaos that pushed her to close her salon. With new plans in mind she moved to California. Her vision didn’t pan out as planned in California, so Ruby moved back to her home state South Carolina. In the year 2000 Ruby opened up another shop in Seneca, SC. Her shop was rented to her by two guys that owned an investment business nearby. Ruby still wanted more, she yearned for more…..She wanted her own shop PERIOD!

This is when Mr. Martin came back into the picture with a proposition solely for Ruby. Mr. Martin had a building that he wanted to sell, and this salon was the birthplace of what we know today as The Midas Touch Beauty Salon.


“Hair care is what I love, its like I have an intimate and spiritual connection doing someone’s hair”.

As Ruby was cultivating the beauty world, she also conducted hair/fashion shows from the 80s up to today. Ruby has done nine hair/fashion shows throughout the decades. “Doing hair is a form of art and putting these shows together gives people the opportunity enjoy the craft for themselves”
13978190_10100402054138843_45795299_oNow Ruby is moving forward and will conduct interviews with other salon owners to be shared onto her upcoming website and social media pages. So be on the look out for http://www.myshoptea.com that will be coming soon! Here are some behind the scenes photos on the set of  My Shop Tea with George owner of Gecor of Cutz in Seneca, SC.

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                         Be sure to come out if you’re in Greenville , SC  or the surrounding area you don’t want to miss it. August 20, 2016 8pm.