On a daily basis I listen to Brandon Tory’s music. Everyday you would hear me chant a particular segment from my favorite song 6OG “My squad crazy”. Brandon Tory infuses his music with hard hitting lyrics and melodic sounds. As I sat back and listen to his music I knew I needed the opportunity to get to know the artist behind such amazing music. So here is what I learned personally from Brandon Tory.

Brandon Tory was born and raised in Brockton, Massachusetts. In Junior High school Brandon started getting acquainted with music in which he learned how to play the keyboard, soon after he started learning how to produce music. In 2011 he got serious with his music after moving to Atlanta, Georgia.Brandon started out spitting hot bars over some dope beats, later on he linked up with a good friend that helped him to incorporate melodic sounds to his rap lyrics.Some of his musical influences includes Kanye West, Jay-Z, 50 Cent, Eminem, and Cold Play to name a few. Tory mirrors his style to artists that he grew up listening to.

Here are some Q&As from our interview:

Rena Marie: Are you signed to a label?

Brandon Tory: Not at this time

Rena Marie: Are there any prospect labels or any particular kind of deal you are looking for?

Brandon Tory: Right now I am taking on meetings. When the situation is right creatively and financially then I will sign to a label. I want to make sure I have creative control when it comes to my music. I am not going to sign to any label until there is a perfect balance.

Rena Marie: What is your perception of today’s hip hop music?

Brandon Tory: Today’s music is fresh and dope. What I may perceive as dope may not be to a certain group of people. Music is evolving like it has been doing since the beginning of time. I respect the change in music and other artist’s creativity.

Rena Marie: What is you take on the music industry? How do you feel about it?

Brandon Tory: It’s a shady game. People turning their backs against other people. Musical unity is missing. You have people gossiping and talking about other people behind their back.

Rena Marie: Are you currently doing any tours?

Brandon Tory: I am doing tours in Los Angeles, CA

Rena Marie: Everybody has a story to tell and often times uses music to convey that story. Is this how you come up with the concept for your music?

Brandon Tory: My music always come from real life situations whether it’s mine or a family member or a friend. Most of my music is ¬†balance of personal life and entertainment. I feel that people can relate to me and my music that way.

Rena Marie: I have seen articles with you in the studio with mega producer and hip hop artist Timbaland. Can you talk a bit about that experience?

Brandon Tory: Being in the studio with Timbaland was super dope. Timbaland is humble, laid back, he made me feel comfortable, and he is a great music mentor. Timbaland is the big homie I have nothing but love and respect for him.

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