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When life gives you lemons just add your own savory twist to make living cool and refreshing. Sulondia Hammond better known as Sue Ham knows how to make things sweeter. I know how people perceive small town country folks as uneducated, lacks luster, and common sense. Sue Ham and myself are natives of Williamsburg County in South Carolina. One thing about us country bumpkins is that we know how to make lemonade.

Kingstree, South Carolina native Sue Hammond is definitely a role model for many in our beautiful state and beyond. Life was not always easy for Sue and she learned how to overcome treacherous hurdles. Before the Queen that we all know her as to be, she had several business investments that succumbed to foreclosures. Ultimately during that time she was forced to file for bankruptcy, surrender her cars and her home. Sue was broken down and homeless. Without the means of making ends meet and her spirit was withering, Sue suffered through depression and battled suicidal thoughts.

Just when she thought that she couldn’t stand anymore God stepped in and reminded her of the motto she learned while serving our country under the United States Marine Corp……Do or Die! She knew right then it was not her time to die and that she have to LIVE. Her life was not only for her to live, but she had to live for her children. Sue knew that she had to regain herself and live to make her children proud of her, and to serve her life’s purpose…..transpire to inspire!

Sue Ham used her wisdom and energy to emerge as a dynamic playwright, motivational speaker, actress, comedian, TV host, philanthropist, and an author of her best seller and motivational tell all book “Don’t Quit Follow Your Dreams”. Her animation and high spirit perpetuate light and high energy that is guaranteed to have you at the edge of your seat yelling ENCORE for more.

Sue travels across the country to provide keynote speeches that offers encouragement and entertainment for colleges, churches, corporate meetings, organizations, and her most recent endeavor as a focus group panelist on The Steve Harvey Show. Sue also offers branding and marketing tips for those who pursue of taking pertinent steps in their businesses.

Sue Ham has partaken in acting workshops conducted by world renowned and award winning playwright David E. Talbert. After wowing Mr. Talbert with her charisma, talent, and pursuance, Sue landed a role in David’s upcoming movie to grace the silver screen titled “Almost Christmas” along with her star studded cast mates Gladys Knight,  Mo’Nique, Danny Glover, Gabrielle Union, Omar Epps, JC Smooth just to name a few.

Sue is a like a speeding bullet shooting her way up to the top. To me she is more than just a hometown heroine, she is the epitome of turning lemons into sweet lemonade.

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Facebook and YouTube: Sulondia Hammond

Twitter and IG: @Suehambaby