iAmJoeStone is an online vlogger  who focus on trending current events with a little bit humor. Joe is steadily  gaining national and international attention with over 30k subscribers to his channel. iAmJoeStone give  his raw opinions on various topics with a bit of comic relief. People asked if he is a comedian and his reply is “I am an entertainer. I don’t label myself as a comedian because I don’t  sit and write jokes or rehearse an act. My videos  are my opinion on topics that are trending and my humor just comes out….That’s my personality”.


Joe started  his pursuit in the entertainment  business as a hip hop artist at a young age in his native hometown Houston, Texas. Later on Joe started working with a video production company in which he produced corporate commercials, music videos, and independent films/shows. After watching two of his favorite YouTube commentators  Hot Damn I Rock and Daquan Wiltshire Joe put his 5 years of video production to use to create his own platform on YouTube.

After posting a few of his commentary videos on YouTube, Joe noticed the upward traction of views  and at that moment he knew that he will need to share his videos  on other social media sites. Once Joe started posting his videos on Facebook he noticed  that  his views were not following the same trend as YouTube at first. From that insight  Joe grinded harder and started his iAmJoeStone campaign. With his talent and perseverance to make consistent videos with substance his views on Facebook rose to over 50k.

On the road to building his brand, Joe signed to become the new face of a comedy/entertainment network on Facebook  called Dats Too Funni (DTF) http://www.datstoofunni.com. DTF has over 300k subscribers with over 20 million views per week. iAmJoeStone  and DTF  joining forces will definitely  keep everyone entertained and updated on current events.


For updates, booking, and to catch Joe live be sure to follow him on Facebook, Instragram, Snap Chat, Twitter @iamjoestone and YouTube  JoeStoneReloaded

Remember this is iAmJoeStone and this is a campaign….click click  Blaowwww!