Greenville, South Carolina native Jae Marley came out of the wood works with a diss track in full gear after Shawty Mac (another Greenville artist) challenged Jae to go toe to toe lyrically. After bit of back and forth Facebook beef coming from Shawty Mac, Jae Marley unleashed his response track titled “You Yo Momma Son” that quickly went viral.

I don’t think Shawty Mac was ready for the hardcore venom that Jae furiously released. After Shawty Mac dissed the city of Greenville, Jae’s lyrics didn’t spare the mother of Mac’s whom happened to be Kelly Mac the Program Director & Afternoon Radio Host for 106.7 WTLC. With the diss track going viral with over 16k views in less than 24 hours, there also spawned hashtags #YouYoMommaSon and #YYMS that is trending on Facebook and beyond.

Here is what you need to know about the artist that caused a cyclone in Greenville!

Jae Marley started writing poetry at the young age of 12, and quickly was introduced to lyricism when he first heard instrumentals at the age of 13. By the age of 15 he  was introduced to a program called FL Studio and he quickly mastered the use of it to perfect his craft. Now at the age of 29, his lyrics and producing skills have dramatically improved. With the right networks and guidance Jae could be paving his own lane of southern rap music. His goal is to be the first “OFFICIAL” artist out of South Carolina to be signed to a major label.

Stay Tuned To Hear More From Jae Marley

I’d rather look ahead and focus on my next move, than to look down and focus on my next step”Jae Marley