Miami, FL native Nino Brown has a lot of people talking about him on many levels. Nino Brown was an artist who conducted business with a lot of heavy hitters such as Dj Khaled, Snoop Dogg, MMG CEO and rapper Rick Ross, and countless of others in the entertainent industry. Many videos surfaced of people exposing him as a fraud, getting physically assaulted, and talked about. I had the opportunity to talk to Nino for myself and I must admit he is actually a cool dude and very business oriented. Nino Brown is much more than a rapper from Miami.

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Growing up in Miami Nino learned that in order to survive the streets you got to hustle and grind. “I used to sell drugs to make things happen for me. I was not proud of it because I was selling poison to people. I just want people who are selling drugs to know that you must find yourself out of the game quick, and invest your money into a business. Also if your are a rapper who never sold drugs or lived that lifestyle…don’t rap about it because people will try you for real. I found my way out by investing that money into my music, my brand, my business”.

Nino was signed to Dj Khaled’s We The Best, but got out of the contract because he want to be his own boss to cut out the middle man politics of the industry. “I wanna cut the middle bosses out so I can make my own money and fully operate my own company. Now I can bring back that real to the game. Niggas like Young Thug changed the game got niggas out here wearing dresses, nail polish, and shit. I made a diss track call Lipstick to expose these rap niggas dressed up in women attire and wear makeup”.

I asked Nino how do he feel about the music today and let’s say he had a lot to talk about. “I can’t stand the way the music game is right now. It’s all lies…..skinny jeans, dresses, makeup, dying their hair all kind of fruity pebble colors, wearing long ass shirts with the splits on the sides that is not real. I am from the era where it was black tees, white tees, Kangos, and Karl Kani. Fuck Young Thug….I don’t know the nigga and I don’t want to know him. I don’t care to know him. I believe he is the reason why these young niggas dressing and acting like bitches…..they might as well put on lipstick too”. Nino stated that he is bringing back the real like how Tupac did. “Tupac was my idol. I mean I really idolized dude. Tupac was the definition of keeping it real and gangsta. He was about the struggle and being a revolutionary”.

Nino Brown has a book that can be purchased from Amazon and the audio version on iTunes titled “Mackin’ and Stackin'”.  This book is his way to let readers know how to gain wealth by using their talent to start their own empire. “My book is a motivational tool for people who are ready to change their mindset and their position in life. I am living the lifestyle that I dreamed of and in my book I am sharing my knowledge with those who read it or listen to it. I am also making motivational videos on all of my social media outlets. I use my voice to reach to that dude who is trying to lose weight, I want to touch that girl who been trying to stop stripping at the clubs,  I want to encourage the youth to be great. I don’t try to come off preaching I don’t even go to church cause it’s more devils in the church than it is in the streets. My personal connection with God allow me to be a blessing unto others through my book and videos”.

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