I interviewed Max Lux Boyd prior to the alleged cheating and baby scandal. Even though most people would inquire more of this topic when it comes to his personal life, but I am more so interested in his accomplishments in the music industry. Max and his wife Brandi aka Lil B are one of the hottest couples to grace the scene on Love & Hip Hop Hollywood. They have earned their spots on the show. Brandi is an actress and a rap artist,and Max is a super producer who wrote mega hits and is a rap artist as well. Max decided to take his own musical creativity to start putting his own voice on wax. On this trend I will give you the Q&As from the interview. So to all my music heads and Love & Hip Hop Hollywood fans grab you a cup of tea and sip while reading this article on the talented Max Lux Boyd.

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Rena Marie: For those who may not know tell us who you are and where you are from?

Max Lux: My name is Max Lux and I am from Los Angeles, California born and raised

Rena Marie: What drove you into making music and writing?

Max Lux: Music for me is like an avenue for me to do something positive you know

Rena Marie: Did you started off as a producer or did you started writing first?

Max Lux: I started off as a writer and I was learning how to produce while I was writing, if that make sense. My uncle was a producer and he was teaching me how to produce as I was writing.

Rena Marie: That’s whats up. Some people would say that they use music to escape gang banging or the street life. Is this the same for you, were you ever involved in gangs, or used music as an outlet  to shade you from whatever you may try to escape?

Max Lux: I was in the streets, but I don’t make music to escape from it. I make music to take it back to the streets. You know, I make music for the homies to turn up.

Rena Marie: Who are some of your musical influences?

Max Lux: There are so many great people in this music history man….I wouldn’t know where to begin, like I am influenced by all type of music. I listen to all type of genres…I listen to a little bit of rap, a whole lot of R&B, rock and roll, I mean a lot.

Rena Marie: Everybody got a least a top 5 that influenced them. Who would your top 5 be?

Max Lux: I would say my top 5 is Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Tupac, Erykah Badu….it’s hard to pick a top five when I am influenced by many such as Goodie Mobb, OutKast, The Loonies.

Rena Marie: Who was the first major artist you wrote for?

Max Lux: I would have to say Ray J. I have been a ghost writer for other artists, but I won’t drop any names.

Rena Marie: I’ve heard that you have wrote a song for the legendary Stevie Wonder, is that true?

Max Lux: Yes! I wrote a song for Stevie Wonder before going on the Presidential Tour.The song is call “Love Is Blind”. He came in the studio and he played the Harmonica on it, you know like 4 o’clock in the morning, like me just working hard.

Rena Marie: Wow! I wonder how it was working side by side with Stevie Wonder. Can you tell me your experience working with Stevie Wonder in the studio?

Max Lux: He turned a room full of thugs into groupies! No lie, every one of us were Stevie Wonder groupies. When he walked into the room grown men were smiling like little kids.

After chatting a bit about Stevie Wonder I switched things up to talk about writing one of Lil Wayne’s hit single “How To Love” off of the Carter IV album.

Rena Marie: How did the record “How To Love” come about with you and Lil Wayne?

Max Lux: “How To Love” actually came about with me and Drummah Boyz, and another producer name Detail placed it with him (Lil Wayne).

Rena Marie: This particular song wasn’t like his usual sound, but this was definitely was one of his biggest songs.

Max Lux: Yeah, this song is his 2nd biggest hit in his catalog right now. Lollipop is number 1.

Rena Marie: Are you currently working with other artists?

Max Lux: I am currently working with every artist. I am an active songwriter signed with Warner Chapel and BMI. I got a company call White Cup. I get out everyday working with artists making records from rap, hip hop, R&B, pop, everything.

Rena Marie: I know that you are inspiration to aspiring writers and producers. Some may come across an artist that can be difficult at times. Do you have any words of advice for anyone in that position?

Max Lux: This is what I will say, in the game nowadays people don’t deal with difficult artists because one of the main job of an artist is to be a people’s person. So if you are a difficult artist you better be very talented and well represented, your music better be the dopest. Otherwise, you know there are a lot of talented people out there. There is a hundred thousand people in the studio right now in the city.

Rena Marie: Basically time is money!

Max Lux: That’s right

Rena Marie: Let’s talk a little bit about Love & Hip Hop Hollywood. First off let me congratulate you and your wife Brandi for being casts on the show. Glad you made it through the season. What made you guys decide to join the show?

Max Lux: It’s cool to be a part of it, it is a very big franchise and very well respected. It’s cool to be a part of Hollywood history. We knew everybody on there and they know us. We just joined our friends and have fun.

Rena Marie: People often times talk about how reality shows like Love & Hip Hop is fake and phony. What we see on TV is this what your actual day to day basis is like?

Max Lux: Oh yeah! They actually had to turn it down a bit because they couldn’t show the real reality of it. They chose us because we are perfect for this and this is our real life. Living like this, flying around the world, showing our families, surviving off of our God given talent…..everything you see is real. Yes my girl really is crazy!

Rena Marie: LOL! I don’t want to call her crazy because she is not around to talk to me to defend herself, but I heard about her popping out of trunks and stuff on you.

Max Lux: Yeah you know she is crazy in love like Beyonce say.

Rena Marie: That’s whats up…you said she is crazy, but you know she is crazy over you. Will we see you on the next season?

Max Lux: You probably will…I don’t know.

Rena Marie:So now that this season of LHHH is over what are you doing now?

Max Lux: I am currently working with a few artist to get there sound together. I also work with independent artists as well. Just building my team up.

Rena Marie: Okay, so you work with independent artists as well that has a pretty well off following, but just needed that little push to get the exposure they need.

Max Lux: I work with anyone that got that check…LOL! I’m just playing, but I try to work with people in general. I also have my personal interests going as well. I make time for a couple of artist that I believe in. Some of the other cast members we are working on a compilation.

Rena Marie: Let’s back track a little bit. You were once a hype man for the Notorious Lil Kim. How was it like working with her?

Max Lux: I mean it was an honor! I mean she is Lil Kim what else can I say….we went to Africa, I was lucky enough to stand on stage with her to perform some of the biggest Biggie, Junior Mafia, and Lil Kim records that changed the world. It was an honor to be a part of that.

Rena Marie: Any shout outs you want to give to the one(s) that were there for you 100% without any questions asked?

Max Lux: GOD!

Before all of the public spew of his alleged affair, Max talked about his marriage, talked about how he love his wife Brandi. As I was listening to him talk I can hear the conviction of his heart when it comes to his wife. Everyone makes mistakes and everyone hit a rough spot, but the way his smile came across his voice as he speaks about Mrs. Boyd showed me that he loves his woman….craziness and all…lol. On a serious note he  loves his wife and the media can amp things to a place where people are on the outside looking in. I respect the Boyds and their grind. I really appreciate Max for giving me the opportunity to talk to him about his success, love, and family.

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