We all have associated a girl on a pole as a stripper with no hesitations. Most of us would say that a pole vixen or an exotic dancer is the same as being a stripper. One day I came across some videos on Facebook and noticed a hashtag on a video that caught my attention. So being the uneducated person I was, I automatically assumed that this young lady is just using hashtags to get people to watch her strip in a club. Then again I could not shake that hashtag and so I clicked on the video to see what “I don’t just dance, I just entertain”….to my shockingly pea brain self, her hash tag meant every single word of it. I was entertained by her pole dancing. This woman, this pole vixen, this entertainer taught me that not everything appears to be at first sight. Jenny20 opened my eyes not only to pole dancing but to the true art of it.

I reached out to Greenville, South Carolina native Jenny and she debunked all the myths that I was thinking about when it comes to pole dancing. “There is a difference between being a pole dancer and a stripper. I do not take my clothes off for money. I use dance and athleticism to entertain. Strippers and pole vixens often time use the same title exotic dancing, by no means I am a stripper. I don’t knock strippers at all, it is all exotic dancing”.

Jenny is also a big health activist when it comes to nutrition and working out the body. “I’ve always been an athlete since school. I participated in sports and I love it! Pole dancing is an excellent workout and anyone can do it. You do not have to be a small person to do it. I know women who are on the heavier side that are great pole dancers. I admire their abilities because it take stamina and strength”.


Jenny20 travel across the United States to give people a show that they will never forget. Jenny caught the attention promoters for Club Onyx in Philly and invited her to be an entertainer for 2016 Pole-AT-Thonhosted by hip hop mogul and actor Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson and Effen Vodka.Unfortunately Jenny didn’t perform, but she connected with a lot of promoters and other pole dancers. “I didn’t perform due to unforeseen circumstances, however I showed up and network with other pole dancers”. Jenny traveled to Los Angeles, CA and shut the venue down with another well-known pole vixen Nikki.

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For those who witnessed Ms. Jenny do her art, she loves to dance to hip hop/rap music. “I love to dance to the late rapper BankRoll Fresh music. I have danced to R&B and slower music, but hip hop music amps up my energy and also the audience”.

With all this new insight from pole dancing, I asked Jenny20 if she offer pole dancing classes, and she offer classes for anyone who want to learn the art of dancing.  One day when I drum up the courage I will get me and my girls to take up a class or few.

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