Jamarkeiz Jenkins also known as Kodeine Cody was a talented rap artist from Greenville, SC. Those that knew “Cody Boy” said that he was humble, loved his music, loved his kids, loved his family & friends, and he had mad love for the city. Last year I heard Awall Haze single “My Life” featuring Kodeine Cody, and that was my first time getting a dose of Cody’s lyrical content. The song is lit and Kodeine verse shed light on the purpose of the song. He spoke his life into that verse and you could feel the vibe from it beat by beat and word by word. He was no stranger to people in the streets because he was always there to help an artist develop and perfect their craft, as how many would say “He always kept it 100”. I can say that Kodeine Cody left this world doing what he loved,and that is making music and performing. Below are comments of reflections from those who knew Cody and were touched by him. After that is a poem I wrote titled from the last song he recorded “When I Die”.





“He motivated me and everybody. He was so damn humble. Cody was determined about his music and wanted to put Greenville on the map. When he come around he gonna make you laugh. Man you are really and greatly appreciated. You put your life into music. You were a motivator that made an impact in my life and everyone who knew you”.       -Marcus




Cody Boiy and I were close, we would talk to each other about our personal situations. You would never see him mad or upset no matter the situation. He would make you laugh. He was always hungry when it come to his music. I wouldn’t charge Cody much because he was always there for me, we were there for each other. The last thing he told me was to make sure I am always there for my kids and to always love them. He loved his kids, he always was there for his kids. Cody I know you would have made it because you were so hungry”. -Ricky Prince



“It still haven’t sunk in that he is gone. Cody Boiy would help anybody with their music. He was humble and he really loved his kids. Cody Boiy was always ready to perform no matter where he go. It will be different to hold open mic nights and not see him there and not see him perform again. Cody had the biggest smile that would light up an entire room”.   -Lady J




“I can’t believe it. That morning me, Cody, Quez, and Tip recorded a song call When I Die. We recorded the song that morning and that same night Cody and Quez were gone. We didn’t have a concept for the song at all, we were just chillin’ and the beat was playing. We just put lyrics together. Cody was always about his music. Him and Quez were on their way to Atlanta to perform”.  -Kash Fien




“He was a good dude and always smiling. He wanted somebody from the Ville to make it whether it was him or another artist. He was genuine, a great father, and he was on the come up. Whenever Djs give him constructive criticism, he learn from it and come right back with something better. We gon miss you and we gon come together and do this in his name”.    -Hoodrich Dj Blaz






When I Die

When I die make sure that the memories of me will never fade

Let my legacy to my children comfort them and provide them shade.

This life on earth was only borrowed time

To allow me to share love for you that was stored in this heart of mine.

Before I closed my eyes to sleep in peace forever more

I thought about all the good times and precious moments that were in store.

To my brothers and sisters in music be sure to bring in hottest tracks

Come together in unity to stack racks on racks on racks.

When I die I don’t want no one to fret or cry

Family and friends don’t question God why.

I was only meant to be here for a little while

Just be sure to crank up the radio to the hottest dial.

That means my music will ring through the airwaves

Leaving lyrics that is spoken from my voice letting you know hip hop saves.

I am more than the vessel that you once knew on this earth

I was the soul of a man with a purpose given by God before birth.

I have reached my point and God called me to be in his ring.

Just make sure people remember me as Kodeine Cody a 864 Rap King.

-Written By Rena Marie

To the family, friends, and fans of Kodeine Cody I want to share with you my sincere condolences. I know words can never justify the amount of pain you are feeling at this time. I pray that God bring you great strength and comfort during your time of bereavement. May his love, music, and his legacy live on! LONG LIVE KODEINE CODY A 864 RAP KING!