Shocking the State with his southern roots yet Urban style Jimmy Lee is set on a mission to melt the ears of listeners Worldwide. He represents the super rising independent label Preventative Music Group…. Being a native of Spartanburg, South Carolina his music deeply expressed southern hospitality mixed with a unique voice and outstanding vocabulary to create wordplay.


Jimmy Lee is a Rap/Hip-Hop artist from Spartanburg, SC. At an early age he took interest in rapping and started off rapping to Sesame Street. He also took an interest in singing and pursued his dreams of becoming a professional artist. Throughout his teenage years he put in a lot of practice and began to freestyle battle in populous circuits. Jimmy Lee eventually became a recording artist and he pursued writing music. 
After a few years and working with numerous studios he became a versatile artist with a better view of the songwriting process, As he continued his career he began to ghostwrite for a plethora of artists and soon became high in demand for verses & hooks. Jimmy Lee is a self trained artist with over 16 years experience and is sure to deliver quality entertainment for a multitudinous of an audience. Jimmy Lee will certainly be a name to remember. 

Check out some of my favorite bangers from Jimmy Lee.