I had the opportunity to speak with a rap artist signed to the infamous Talibandz ENT that was started by Speaker Knockerz. Since Speaker Knockerz untimely death TBG is now owned and operated by his dad Plague (PJ).  Recording Artist Mook is a native of Columbia, South Carolina who has been professionally rapping and making music for a year. Talibandz Ent caught my attention when I first heard of famed upcoming rapper and producer Speaker Knockerz. After the sudden death of Speaker Knockerz, Talibandz Ent kept making music in the memory of SK…..Mook along with a roster of hot artists are doing just that with catchy lyrics and edgy beats. Mook definitely trailed along my radar with the explosive single “What They Gone Do”.

Checkout video to hit single ” What They Gone Do”

“My only inspiration when it come to making music is Speaker Knockerz” -Mook

Here are some the of Q&As from the interview with Mook:


RenaMarie: Let us know where you are from?

Mook: I am a rap artist from Columbia, SC.

RenaMarie: How long have you been professionally rapping?

Mook: For a year. I took my music seriously after taking a semester of college.

RenaMarie: Who are some of your influences that inspires you to make music?


Mook: My only inspiration when it come to music is Speaker Knockerz.

RenaMarie: Were you and Speaker Knockerz friends

Mook: Yeah we were

RenaMarie: Any other singles or mixtape in the works?

Mook: I am going to drop a mixtape, but for now I am just releasing singles. The singles that I am releasing are doing very well, doing better than most rappers’ whole mixtape.

RenaMarie: I can tell, because my favorite single is “What They Gone Do” it’s dope. Who produced that track?

Mook: Thank you, and Speaker Knockerz produced the song.

RenaMarie: Anything you want to tell people about you?

Mook: I just want to tell people to keep watching because Mook is coming. Make sure to check out my singles “What They Gone Do” and “I Ain’t Have It” on iTunes.




Check out Mook’s interview on VladTV

For info on tours and show dates follow Mook on Twitter and Instagram @MookTBG and PJ on Instagram @plague3000

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